McCutcheon Historical Outline


  • Welcome
  • Definition of Some Gaelic Terms.
  • Lineage Chart

Chapter 1:           Maps: Scotland

  • Map 1 – The Townland of Sloanstown, Ireland.
  • Map 2 – County of Dufferin, Ontario.
  • Map 3 – County of Simcoe, Ontario.
  • Map 4 – County of Wellington, Ontario.
  • Map 5 – County of Grey, Ontario.
  • Map 6 – County of York, Ontario.
  • Map 7 – Lord Selkirk’s Assiniboia Grant – 1817.

Chapter 2:           The surname McCutcheon: A Study: the Evolution of a name spanning 255 years:

  • Brief History of Clan Donald of Sleat.
  • Scots-Irish.
  • On Canadian Soil At Last.

Chapter 3:           Travel on the Early Waterways; Bateaux; Durham Boats; Steam Boats.

  • Alice M. Burke’s History

Chapter 4:           Clan McCutcheon

Chapter 5:           John McCutcheon’s son Robert (1792-1855)

  • (A):  John (1815-1905)
  • (B):  Henry Smith (1824-1897)
  • (C):  Robert Senior (1825-1881)
  • (D):  James Cleaver (1826-1884)
  • (E):  William (1829-1872)

Chapter 6:           John McCutcheon’s son Hugh (1793-1861)

  • (A):  William James (1823-??)
  • (B):  Ann E (1827-1883)
  • (C):  Ellen (1828-1913)
  • (D):  Thomas Asa (1830-1904)
  • (E):  Margaret (1832-1921)
  • (F):  Stewart (1834-1921)
  • (G):  John (1839-1889)
  • (H):  Jane Matilda (1841-1917)
  • (I):   Hugh Robert (1842-1917)

Chapter 7:           John McCutcheon’s son William (1795-1862)

  • (A):  Eleanor (1820-?)
  • (B):  Agnes Nancy (1823-?)
  • (C):  Jane (1826-1887)
  • (D):  John (1827-1880)

INTERLUDE:      Leather Shoes to Wellington Boots.

Chapter 8:           Samuel McCutcheon’s son Charles (1812-1861)

  • (A):  Amelia (1840-1927)
  • (B):  Mary Marie (1845-1923)
  • (C):  Samuel (1846-1933)
  • (D):  Joseph (1848-1905)
  • (E):  Agnes (1850-1932)
  • (F):  Ellen (1853-1933)
  • (G):  Charles (1853-1939)
  • (H):  William Tanner (1856-1937)
  • (I):   Theresa Jane (1858-1894)

Chapter 9:          1915 – McCutcheon Brothers Arrest and Trial

Chapter 10:           Samuel McCutcheon’s son David (1816-1905)

  • (A):  Charlotte (1815-1888)
  • (B):  Emily Mary (1853-1934)
  • (C):  Samuel David (1855-1950)
  • (D):  Sarah (1858-1947)
  • (E):  Hannah (1859-1896)
  • (F):  David (1863-1949)
  • (G):  Mary Jane (1865-1920)

Chapter 11:         Samuel McCutcheon’s son William (1818-1891)

  • (A):  Mary Elizabeth (1847-1890)
  • (B):  Samuel Donald (1849-1929)
  • (C):  David (1851-1941)
  • (D):  Margaret Ann (1851-1894)
  • (E):  William (1860-1897)
  • (F):  Thomas (1863-1938)

Chapter 12:         Samuel McCutcheon’s daughter Charlotte Letitia (1827-1860)

  • (A):  Francis (1849-1888)
  • (B):  Mary Jane (1853-1886)

Chapter 13:        Unidentified McCutcheon Father:

  • A.  Elizabeth (1805-1860)
  • B.  Robert (1823-1900)

Chapter 14:         William McCutcheon (1777-1832).This branch is colloquially called “The Vaughan McCutcheons”.

  • (A):  Mary (1803-?)
  • (B):  David (1805-1877)
  • (C):  Patrick (1807-1880)
  • (D):  Hugh (1811-1895)
  • (E):  William (1812-1883)
  • (F):  Samuel (1814-1877)
  • (G):  Ann (1822-1880)

Chapter 15:         Lest We Forget

Chapter 16:         Famous-Infamous McCutcheons

Chapter 17:         List of Cemeteries

  • List of Land Grants Ontario.
  • Sources


                       HOMESTEAD – land grants and/or letters applied for.

☺☺                 Lived to be a Nonagenarian or more.

♥♥                      Siblings married siblings.

♣♣                     Cousin married cousin.

‡‡                       This family had a set of twins.



31 thoughts on “McCutcheon Historical Outline

  1. boomerbob says:

    I’m duly impressed lady, you’ve done a lot of work here.

  2. Rhonda Flanagan says:

    Hi Angela, your blog is now being passed amongst our branch of the family. We are descendent’s of of Samual McCutcheon. actually two branches were wed so following the stories over the years has been confusing at time. We appreciate the work you and Ms Burke have taken on.
    We are having a reunion this summer (July 31st) at the Dufferin Museum and Archives for celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. There is a replica (I am sure you know) of the Mccutcheon House there, and we thought it would be a good location to help the younger folks of the family make some connections. We will be passing on your site to everyone.

    Please feel free to join us if you are in the area
    Rhonda Flanagan
    from the Charles & Ellen McCutcheon family

  3. Rick McCutcheon says:

    Great site – Seargent Robert McCutcheon of the NWMP is my Great Grandfather 🙂

  4. I’m not sure I’m related – but I suspect I am. My relatives are in Brussels Ontario – there is a McCutcheon cemetary there that I didn’t see on the list – but perhaps it has another name – its not far from Listowel. Would love to know for sure – my ancestors came here during around 1840. I have lots of uncles named John, William etc … am checking what my great grandfathers name is … will let you know.

    Connie McCutcheon

  5. Gert Coffin says:

    WOW!!! Found your site while Researching info on the Brig James that was built by my GGGrandfather,Peter Brouard and was amazed to find his name on your site pertaining to the Ship that brought your Ancestors to Canada.. He and his wife are buried in Port Hawkesbury,N.S,their daughter Elizabeth was my GGrandmother. Sure is a small world!!!!

  6. Martin Douglas says:

    I am the grandson of Mildred Mary McCutcheon. My mother Carol Elizabeth King married Robert Allen Douglas. I have more info if you would like it. You have some of the dates wrong I’m afraid. My mom died on Aug. 7 1994 and not 1991

  7. Martin Douglas says:

    Mildred Mary McCutcheon married George King and they had 4 children. Robert, Grant, Millicent and My mother Carol. All four have passed away. Millicent being the last in 2005. Mildred,George,Millicent and Carol are in Parkview Cemetery in Waterloo Ontario. Grant is buried in Toronto and Robert I believe is buried in Red Deer Alberta.Robert had 4 children. I do not know them or of their whereabouts. Grant had 2 children. Millicent had 3 children.Stephanie,Shane(Ron) and Steven (d 2001 age 39). Carol had 2 children,me in 1963 and James Allan Douglas in 1962. I would like to add more but it would take time.

    • Lynn McCutcheon says:

      There was a Grant McCutcheon related to my father and I don’t know how. Also a Sam. Sam built homes in the Mount Denis area of Toronto. My grandfather’s name was Thomas and he had 8 children that lived. My eye just caught Grant McCutcheon in your comments and I knew my father spoke of a Grant. I have very little information but I have long lost cousins that seem to know much more.

  8. Karen McCutcheon Clarke (daughter of Gladys & Norman) says:

    Does anyone know if this might be a relative?
    Charles ‘Chuck’ Brian William McCutcheon

    McCUTCHEON, Charles ‘Chuck’ Brian William – Suddenly on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 in his 35th year. Cherished son of Brian and Julie McCutcheon. Loving father of Autumn, Connor, Cameron, Makayla, Jade and Madison. Dear brother of Cheryl McCutcheon and Uncle of Preston and Wesley. Chuck will be sadly missed by his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and his many friends. Family and Friends will be received at McGLADE FUNERAL HOME, on Friday, December 21, 2012 between the hours of 6:00 -8:00p.m. Funeral Service to be held on Saturday, December 22, 2012 in the Funeral Home at 11:00 a.m. Interment to follow in Christ Church Cemetery. For those who wish, memorial donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Humane Society in memory of Chuck. On-line condolences may be made at IN THE CARE OF MCGLADE FUNERAL HOME 78 CENTRE STREET DESERONTO, ONTARIO 613-396-2310 12

    • Hi Karen;

      I can’t find any recent relative that I can attach this to. But I will keep trying.

      It seems that this should be a relative just because of the area….

      So young to die. 5 years younger that my son. Too bad they didn’t say why….that always leaves me in an agitated state when they only say “suddenly”.


  9. Lydia Glass says:

    Do you know a Mary McCutcheon who (according to 1910 census) lived in Woodlands Donaghadee? Was there part of the family who didn’t go to Canada?

    There is a fascinating history, really enjoyed reading!

  10. Scott Holden says:

    Well I was doing a search of some of my family tree and have come across this site. You have done an amazing job of putting together information here. My grandmother was Barney Holden. Isabella McCutcheon would be my great grandmother.

    You have helped me out so much in completing some information that i wanted.

  11. George says:

    Hi Angela,
    I was on the site for the fist time about three weeks ago and there was a complete family history breakdown on the first page.The history included John and Presilla McCutcheon who were my great GP.They had 10 children 7 sons and 3Daughters and there was accurate stories about them all.Some lived in Alberta and a few went south.I do not see them here any longer.
    Very interesting read just the same.
    Thank you,
    George Watt

    • Shelly Sorensen says:

      Hi George

      John and Priscilla McCutcheon were my great great grandparents on my father’s side. Their son ,John Alexander Mccutcheon, was my grandmother Stella McCutcheon’s father.

      Shelly Sorensen

  12. My great grandfather, Henry S. Fielding, was married to Margaret McCutcheon.

  13. devon says:

    I’m trying to find out what crest we wore during ww2

  14. Roy shepperd says:

    I am the son of Mildred shepperd the child of Cecil mccutcheon

  15. Hello, Nice website. You are the first I’ve seen mention how many potential wives and mistresses Hugh of Sleat had. I descend from the Orkney Hewison Sept of Macdonald of Sleat although it is unclear which son this lineage derives from. Would you be able to provide any reference to the other women he fathered children with that are mentioned below but not listed above. “It seems from historical references and books, that Hugh of Sleat never seemed to stay with the same woman long enough to father more than one child by the same woman. He is said to have fathered at least 11 illegitimate children including one daughter.” Cheers, Chris

  16. I do not think I’m related but its a well established website.
    Peter Ayers McCutcheon

    • Angela , you say all the McCutcheon”s are related .

      I have a question reguarding a Dr. Wallace McCutcheon who lived in Milton Ontario .probably deceased now

      He was married to a woman whos maiden name was Doncarlos. sister to Alan


      Had a son Douglas (who works for the law enforcement RCMP ? )

      The reason I am asking this , is my dad lived on the same street in Toronto as Alan Doncarlos when they were kids and in later years in Sarnia ontario

      Am I related To this McCutcheon , if so tell me how ?

      Sorry to have botherd you about this .but it bothers me not knowing .

      So if yo u can shed some light on the subject I would greatly apprieciate it

      Yours truly

      Peter A McCutcheon

      PS my spelling is not up to par

      thankyou for your time

      • Liz (McCutcheon) Svilans says:

        Hello from Doug McCutcheon, whom you refer to in the above question.
        As far as we know, your Caswell McCutcheon in Sarnia is not related to the McCutcheon who married Allan DC’s sister, Virginia. Allan DC’s wife, Anita, worked as Caswell McCutcheon’s receptionist in Sarnia for quite a while. Was Caswell Wallace’s brother? Our mom told us that Wallace lived across the street on Biggar Avenue. He came over and offered a quarter to buy her for a quarter. Both were children at the time, we assume.

  17. Mike Taylor says:


    Just stubbled on this site and its very interesting. I have been tracking my family history and my grand father was from Cork. Henry Alexander Fairly McCutcheon. Would love to hear from fellow McCutcheon’s

  18. Mark Donald says:

    Hi my uncle Robert Mccutcheon from Donaghadee served in world war 2. He emigrated to Hamilton Ontario. After the war. He was a steel worker and his wife was Marion. I am keen to find more information on him. I know he received the Burma Star and I think served with the British Army Service Corps. Fascinating site thank you. Mark Donald in Australia

    • Martin Douglas says:

      Hi Mark. You and I may be cousins. I am a bit handy at research and will see what I can find of the names you mentioned. I am the great-grandson of Thomas McCutcheon b.1863. His daughter Mildred is my Grandmother. I also reside in Ontario near where many of them lived and died and are buried.

  19. Robert M. Ireland says:

    An Internet search for the progeny of Archibald Noble (1788-1873) my 3x Great Grandfather, took me to grandchild Rebecca Jane Noble (1864-1893) my Great Grandmother AND to James Noble, (1862-1941), another Archibald’ grandchild, and husband of Mary Jane McCutcheon ( chapter 10 of this book) and thus to a great family story on an even greater website…this one. Rebecca m.Robert Ireland (1864-1961). Their son Isaac Ireland (1891-1984) m. Velda Hammond (1898-1985). Their son Elgin Gerald Ireland (1921-2000) m. Barbara Norah Stockton (1923-1981) and I am their eldest son Robert Ireland.
    Thank you for inspiration.

  20. Hi my uncle Robert Mccutcheon from Donaghadee served in world war 2. He emigrated to Hamilton Ontario. After the war. He was a steel worker and his wife was Marion. I am keen to find more information on him. I know he received the Burma Star and I think served with the British Army Service Corps. Fascinating site thank you.

  21. Do you know a Mary McCutcheon who (according to 1910 census) lived in Woodlands Donaghadee? Was there part of the family who didn’t go to Canada?

    • Hi There;

      Yes there was at least 1 or 2 people who did not come with the 3 or 4 groups that migrated to Canada. So far, I have only connected back to a Richard McCutcheon about 1830. I sure would like to connect with a McCutcheon form Grey-Abbey or Donaghadee who still lives there and who has some old information that perhaps I can tie together. Also, my cousin Lawrence McCutcheon here in Canada has participated in DNA project that is also very enlightening.

  22. Helen Blair says:

    I’m not a decendant, but a cousin to descendants of Charles McCutcheon and Eliza Amelia Tanner. Eliza Amelia’s brother Samuel Tanner is my gg grandfather.

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