“We sailed out of Belfast in the belly of rat-infested boats to brave the wild Irish sea…”

“We looked back through the mist at the beautiful Irish greens and said goodbye to Donaghadee….”

Finally, several weeks later, and I can now safely say that the Draft of my book “McCutcheons From Donaghadee” is online and ready for all to peruse.

I am hoping that you are not expecting any literary brilliance, because you won’t find it on these pages.  If you are looking for that type of brilliance, then you need to be reading Shakespeare or Margaret Atwood.

The scope of the book is a “history book”, mostly centering in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  I am hoping that it will eventually be a collection of short stories or auto-biographies, as I don’t believe that any of our founding fathers left their biography.  And perhaps, if we search our attics, old trunks and otherwise hidden treasures, we will un-earth old pictures, letters, documents, that we forgot we had and will be willing to share those with others.

The history of the “McCutcheons From Donaghadee” is not only a history of a very dynamic family.  It also parallels the history of our countries; Canada and the United States.  The foundation of our countries are like brick and mortar.  Thousands of forward-thinking pioneering families who left the security of family and hearth, to brave unknown perils, settling thousands of miles away, knowing they may never see their loved ones or their country again.  And they bonded with other like-minded families.  Race or religion were not the common bond anymore so much as was isolation, the community, their new adopted country.

Yes, the elderly ones yearned for the “old country”.  But the younger ones looked ahead, not back over their shoulders.

From the time I started to compile the information in my computer last fall to physically publishing it on WordPress, took almost 2000 hours.  And this is only the beginning. 

I want to kindly remind interested readers that there are many errors (unintentional).  If there is any information published that is offensive to anyone, please let me know; a flick of the mouse can rectify that.  And anyone interested in sharing information, corrections, pictures, etc. please feel free to contact me at angelaludwig7@gmail.com.

You or I will not be mentioned in this narrative.  I have ended it, loosely, circa 1911 (Canada), 1930 (United States) in conjunction with the latest census, other than news worthy items.

The link is; https://mccutcheonsfromdonaghadee.wordpress.com/about/introduction/

 Your cousin,  Angela.


2 thoughts on ““We sailed out of Belfast in the belly of rat-infested boats to brave the wild Irish sea…”

  1. Janet Anderson says:

    I am the daughter of the late Archie Anderson! Would love to get in touch!

    • carole lee says:

      hi angela
      there is so much to read online
      i would like to be able to show my parents
      my dad is 87 yrs old and is a grandson of john mccutcheon and annie loree
      am i able to buy a copy of your book?
      i live in erin twsp cty wellington ontario

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