Bishop Francis Wesley Warne


Quite by accident while looking for someone not even remotely related (which I have now forgotten who it was) I came across this quite famous person – Bishop Francis Wesley WARNE.

He was the son of Agnes McCUTCHEON and Francis John WARNE.

Bishop Warne was buried (at his request) at the small cemetery in Ontario called the “Ballinafad Cemetery” alongside his  grand Uncle Hugh McCutcheon and Mary Stewart.

Besides being a very prolific writer himself, there are books, pamphlets, etc., written about him from which I have quoted.  The chapter in this book – Chapter 8: William McCUTCHEON: B: Agnes – I have erased and redone.

It is not yet printable as I have ordered some of his own pamphlets and books in the hope of gaining a better insight into the persona of the man – not some of the grotesquely flowery prose written about him that I have posted to the pages of the book.

Particularly his auto-biography, which I have printed, I have proven some of the claims stated as to his accomplishments to be an exaggeration.  From what I have read so far about him, he would not been impressed with that.


Frank Warne talks about his early experience as a missionary:

“I was but a boy in Canada, and when the annual missionary meeting was held and the collection was about to be taken, the preacher said: ‘I want every person in the house, including boys and girls, to subscribe something, no matter how small, and two months will be given in which to pay the subscriptions.’  The collectors came down the aisle with a slip of paper, and the people wrote their names on the paper, I had never subscribed to anything, but I decided I would subscribe one dollar, and when it came to me, I took the paper and wrote my name, promising to give that amount.  I was very much excited and began at once to plan how I would earn the money.

I saved pocket money, ran errands, found eggs, and as it seemed to me, long before the time, I had my dollar ready and wished either that the collector would hurry up or that I had subscribed more.

I got so much pleasure and profit out of that subscription that I have been giving ever since and at last, I gave myself.”…………………………..

I hope you enjoy his story.

Angela Andrew


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