Eleanor McCutcheon (1820)

Born in Donaghadee, Ireland in 1820, Eleanor McCutcheon crossed the turbulent Atlantic Ocean as an infant, securely wrapped in the arms of loving, religious parents.  They had a vision.

She is one of those ancestors who is an enigma and will probably always remain so.  She produced no legitimate heirs; therefore she has no great-great-great ancestors actively seeking her.  She was a literate, hard-working farm woman, still living in a world of men. Her human rights were very limited.

She remained a spinster for many years, married later in life at the age of 40 years, to a man 9 years her junior.  Eleanor would have been an asset to a trail-blazer pioneer.  She was raised in the back-woods, never knowing the more comfortable luxury of town or city life.

She inherited 50 acres of the homestead farm (Lot 7, Concession 5) in 1862; by 1867 Francis Warne owned all of Lot 7, Concession 5, probably purchasing her ½.

The Ontario Land Deeds (following) for 1871 place her as co-owner of Lot 8, Concession 2 in Erin Township. These land deeds raise more questions that providing us with answers.

Why did the Andersons mortgage their farm so heavily – the East ½ of Lot 8?   $1600 in 1871 was a large sum of money.  Was it to purchase the west ½?   He owned all 100 acres of Lot 8 by 1877.  How did they manage to pay the mortgage off within 2 years?  Was farming that lucrative in 1871? It could be suggestive that they were hard workers and efficient farmers.

The Deeds place Eleanor still alive in 1871 at the age of 51 years and John still alive in 1877. So far, no other historical information after 1877 has been found for this couple.

ONTARIO LAND DEEDS:  Original Mortgage:

John Anderson et al to John Campbell, 1875, page 125:

Entered and Registered this 1st day of November 1871 AD at 1-2 O’clock PM: H Nolson Dy Reg:

This Indenture is made in duplicate, the first day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy one [1871]; In pursuance of the Act respecting short forms of Mortgages; Between John Anderson of the township of Erin in the County of Wellington, yeoman (the mortgagor of the first part); Eleanor Anderson (his wife the mortgagor of the second part); and John Campbell the younger of the same place, yeoman (the mortgagee of the third part); witnesseth that said Mortgagee to the said mortgagor[s] (the receipt whereof is hereby by him acknowledged); Said Mortgagor with grant and Mortgage unto said Mortgagee, his heirs and assigns forever, All and singular ….parcel or tract of land and premises situate, lying and being in the Township of Erin in the County of Wellington and Province of Ontario containing by admeasurement one hundred acres be the same more or less being composed of the east half of Lot number eight [8] in the second [2] Concession of the said Township of Erin; And the said party of the second part the wife of the said mortgagor hereby bars her dower until said lands and premises provided this mortgage to be [cleared by] payment of the sum of one thousand six hundred [1,600] dollars of lawful money of Canada with interest at six [6] percent premium as follows…..

WITNESS:           James Scott Speers.

SIGNED:              John Anderson     X    his mark; Eleanor Anderson.

There are 2 more Deeds posted to: Chapter 8, A: Eleanor (1820).


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