Gordon Clifford McCutcheon – 1924-1945:

Gordon Clifford McCutcheon – 1924-1945:

On the 23rd May 2013, I received 3 old pictures and the following very touching story about Gordon McCutcheon. Gordon enlisted in the Canadian Army; unit: Irish Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C. along with his best friend, Ronald Moyle (according to the following story). Gordon was killed in action on the 17th April 1945 and was buried at the Buried at Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery Netherlands. Gordon’s legacy lived on in the heart and memory of his best friend as narrated by Brad Simpson:

“I’m not sure how you are related to Gordon McCutcheon, but I recognized your profile from Gordon’s page on find-a-grave.com. Gordon’s parents lived next door to my great-grandparents and Gordon and my grandfather, Ronald Moyle, were best friends. They signed up for military service together. My grandfather was injured in 1944, but recuperated and returned home. He named his daughter (my mother) Gordene, after his friend. And my brother is named Gordon too. My grandfather, now almost 90, still talks about him often. 

I have a few pictures of Gordon before and during the war…………

Attached are my pictures of Gordon Clifford McCutcheon.  You’re welcome to add any story details to go with them. My grandfather’s name is Ronald Vernon Moyle (1925 – ). I’m not certain when and where they were neighbours. I have a few addresses for them during that time period. My mom stayed in touch with Ella McCutcheon until she passed away. She told me that after Gordon died overseas, they became foster parents and their house was always filled with kids. Unfortunately, my grandfather is struggling with his memory and can’t offer anything else about him.”

Notice in picture # 3, what a skinny adolescent Gordon was and how the rifle seems to be bigger and heavier than he was.

Picture # 3

Picture # 3

The other 2 pictures are posted to Chapter 12: Samuel McCutcheon’s son William: F: Thomas (1863-1938).


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    This ‘Ella McCuthcheon’, is she the one from Erin Ontario?


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