Phaedris McCutcheon (1680-1768) – first McCutcheon arrived on North-American Soil

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CHAPTER TWO – The Name McCutcheon:

A Study: the Evolution of a name spanning 255 years:

I found a book called “The McCutcheon {Cutcheon} Records and Allied Families” written by Florence McCutcheon McKee and published in 1931. This book is not available online. It is about 368 pages in length and parallels only the life and descendent’s of Phaedris Frederick Junior. Following are some excerpts from this very well written and researched book:

1719: Barrington, New Hampshire, USA: An alphabetical list of about 250 immigrants to New England in a book by Ethel Stanwood Bolton, page 128, states: Phaedris McCutcheon of Barrington; from Londonderry, Ireland circa 1719; m. Judith ______; child Phaedris. Phaedris Frederick McCutcheon Junior was born in 1751 in Barrington. 18 This is the first documentation of a McCutcheon on North American soil.

1729, July 29th: Barrington, New Hampshire: There is a deed dated this date to a “Jonathon or John McCutcheon [called] Three mile streek”. This was a strip (streek) of land about two miles wide that ran from Dover through Barrington. 19 This was either Phaedris or his brother.

From land transfer deeds beginning on the 11th May 1747, 3rd July 1754, 5th October 1754, 28th September 1761 and lastly the 2nd of July 1761, Phaedris and/or his wife Judith, began selling pieces of this land to several different parties. Phaedris and his wife died in 1768 of ‘spotted fever’ which was probably a diphtheria epidemic, leaving their only two surviving children (Phaedris Frederick and a sister) orphans. In the book “McCutcheon {Cutcheon} Family Records” the author says there “is an interesting account of the early trials of Phaedris Frederick McCutcheon Junior, to obtain an education when left without parents and only one sister, in the care of an uncle…..” suggests that perhaps his father did not come from Londonderry alone but came with some of his own family. 19

18                    Immigrants to New England – 1770-1775 by Ethel Stanford Bolton:

19             Book written by Florence McCutcheon McKee – 1931 – called “The McCutcheon {Cutcheon} Family Records and Allied Families.”


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