B: Emily Mary (1853-1934)

B:        Emily Mary McCUTCHEON (4) (David McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON the 3rd of August 1853 and she died on the 21st June 1934 in Mulmur Township.  She married her first cousin Samuel McCutcheon on the 7 February 1872.    Her parents were David McCutcheon and Mary Ellen Hicks.

NOTE:   Information for Emily and her children can be found in Chapter 9 – C: Samuel who was her husband.  Emily’s father, David McCutcheon and Samuel’s father, Charles McCutcheon were brothers.  After they married they settled briefly onto a farm in Keppel Township before they moved to Mulmur.  Sam was on the council for Mulmur in 1884 and 1885; then he was deputy reeve of the Township of Mulmur for 1886, 1887 and 1888.  In 1892, Sam leased his farm for five years and moved with his wife Emily and their family to Gainsborough, SK.

It was here that calamity befell the family.   Samuel and his brother Joseph established a livery stable together and would bring carloads of horses from Ontario.  The stable was prosperous and life for the first year was very good until in 1893, Samuel and Emily’s house burned to the ground.  Samuel and Emily lost all of their possessions.  Then later in the year, a typhoid epidemic struck the area and, besides all of the family becoming ill, they lost a child.   Despondent, they packed up and left the west for good. (This information came from Alice Burke’s book McCutcheon Pioneers).

Orangeville – Sunday 17th March –  The Manitoba Fever

Messrs. Dave McCutcheon, Alex Berry and William Henderson and wife purpose going to Manitoba a week from to-day (Tuesday). Mrs. S. McCutcheon and her 12 children will also go on the same train. Her husband left for their new home about 10 days ago. Success to all of them!

THEY DIDN’T GO:   Mrs. Samuel McCutcheon and children did not start for Manitoba on Tuesday as planned. She received a telegram from her husband telling her not to come just yet, as blizzards were a little too common in that far off country. Mrs. McCutcheon, however, will leave to join her husband in the course of a week or two.



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