C: Samuel David (1855-1950)

C:      Samuel (Son of David) McCUTCHEON (4) (David McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON. on the 17th July and he died in 1950.  He married Anne ROBB (18th March 1864 – 5 September 1908) on the 12th July 1880 in Mulmur.  He is buried at Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Whitfield, ON. ☺☺

NOTE: Anne is listed as being illegitimate on the marriage register. Her parents listed are: John Hamilton and Anne Lloyd. She was born in Tossoronto Township, Simcoe County.

NOTE:   Samuel McCutcheon lived to be a very old man at 95 years old.  He claimed that he saw 7 generations, beginning with his Great grand-mother Isabella Morrison who was still alive when he was born and ending with Great-Great-grand-children.  He reminisced about his great grandmother Isabella, saying that she was a “little old bent-up lady who longed to return to Ireland.”  Isabella Morrison was old when she came to Canada with her only daughter, Charlotte Letitia Morrison.

He was never given a middle name so David was designated to him to show that he was “son of David”.

He and his wife settled on Lot 14, Concession 1, EHST just north of the original homestead.  He did not join the stampede west for cheap land, although he did briefly consider it.  Samuel out lived his wife by 42 years.  He never re-married.

☺☺      Lived to be a Nonagenarian or more.


  • William Kenneth McCUTCHEON (5.)  See i following.
  • David Tyrwhitt McCUTCHEON (5).     See ii following.
  • Mary Ellen McCUTCHEON (5).       See iii following. 

Pictured :

The David Tyrwhitt McCutcheon and family on the farm.

 Mulmur Township, Ontario.

 NOTE:   Most of the pictures for this family came from the photo album courtesy of Charlie Carman.



i.            William Kenneth McCUTCHEON (5) (Samuel McCutcheon-4; David McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON.  on the 3rd August 1881. He died on the 16th February 1965 in Ceylon, SK.  He married Charlotte Matilda HOUSE on the 22nd January 1907 in Moose Jaw, SK.   She was born on the 9th April 1885 in Dufferin, ON and she died on the 18th October 1950 in Ceylon, SK.  They were both buried at the Ceylon Cemetery.  Her parents were Hiram House and Margret Orme.  ►  ‡‡

Pictured are William McCutcheon and Charlotte House in June 1907 around the time of their marriage. 


On the 21st January 1920 he obtained the patent for NW 1/4 of Section 7 Township 6 Range 19 West of the Second Meridian, located near Ceylon, Saskatchewan. William was 29 years old when he obtained entry to the land on the 15th September and pre-emption entry on the 24th September. The family lived on the homestead from March 1909 to date of application.

In 1909 he broke no land; in 1910 he broke 10 acres and cropped 10; in 1911 he broke 25 and cropped 35; in 1912 he broke 100 acres and cropped 35. In 1909 he had 2 horses and 2 cows; in 1910 he had 2 horses and 2 cows; in 1911 he had 4 horses and 2 cows; in 1912 he had 4 horses and 3 cattle.

The house was made of lumber 12′ x 16′ with an addition: value $300. The barn was worth $100 and the granary was valued at $150; the well was worth $100. He had fenced 40 acres with a value of $75. He was granted the pre-emption for this homestead. This land had previously belonged to the Canadian Northern Railway. 

CEYLON SASKATCHEWAN is a small village located 50 kilometers north of the US-Canada border.   It is located next door to the Big Muddy Badlands. Ceylon is part of the Rural Municipality of The Gap. During the “Roaring Twenties” the US-Can border in the prairie-provinces was unpatrolled.  Bootleggers had blazed trails, rutted mud roads really, in the back roads to avoid the few law enforcers that there were at the time.   A very daring bank robbery occurred here on the 27th September 1922.   A gang of bandits travelled into Saskatchewan from North Dakota and entered the Bank of Montreal in Ceylon.  They blew the safe apart and departed with $6,500.00 in cash.  Still early in the day, riding high on adrenaline and with new found cash in their pockets, they headed east out of town towards the Manitoba border, looking for their next strike, travelling over the rough rutted roads. They somehow made it to Moosomin, SK where they robbed the Union bank.  Again, they dynamited the safe and this time they loaded $6,000.00 into their car.  In true Dillinger fashion, they sped back across the international border.  The bandits generally used high-powered Cadillac’s; the police had just graduated from their horses to inexpensive Fords or Chevrolets that had no power so they were no match for the rum-runners and bandits. 

In the days of prohibition, Ceylon had a store called the “boozoruim”.  This was a liquor export store.  Bronfman’s liquor came from Regina for “Storage.”  Armed men with big powerful cars came at night, loaded up, paid for it, then ran the liquor across the border into the US.  

The untamed days of the Wild West.


In this history book on Ceylon, this McCutcheon family is mentioned in 40 of the pages.  They were very active as members of the board of the North Ceylon Rural Telephone Company from its inception in 1916 until the government of Saskatchewan took it over on the 4th January 1980.

William McCutcheon supervised the construction of the long sought dam in 1934.  Prior to this dam, residents hauled drinking water and residents needed cisterns to catch rain water.  William McCutcheon had the first dray service in Ceylon, selling it to the Ostic family in 1912.

Ken McCutcheon ran opened a Hardware store in 1941 in the old bank building.   His parents (William and Charlotte) ran the store.

Ken McCutcheon was one of the first Massey-Harris dealers in the 1930’s.  He was also on the board of directors for the Ceylon-Hardy Credit union.  Says’ Frances Parsens:  “During my last winter here, I rented rooms from Mr. and Mrs. Ken McCutcheon.” It seems that they took in boarders.

Connaught Odd Fellows club was formed in 1913.  In 1918, they and the Masonic lodge built a Lodge building in Ceylon.  William McCutcheon was among one of the honouree’s.  William’s wife, Charlotte, was one of the charter members of the Ceylon Women’s Institute in 1929.

The Twin’s, Muriel and Thelma, are pictured on page 55 on the softball team in early 1920.

Douglas’s wife Leona, was president of the Ceylon School Board.

There are several pictures of this family in this book.

CONCLUSION:   The stories for this family can be located between pages 184 – 188 of the book “Builders of a Great Land” which can be located online at: www.ourroots.ca.


  • Clinton John McCUTCHEON (6) B. 16th October 1907.  D. 8th July 1911 in Yellow Grass, SK.  He was buried at the Yellow Grass Cemetery.
  • Helen Edythe McCUTCHEON (6) B. 5th October 1909.  D. 3rd December 1911 in Yellow Grass, SK.  She was buried at the Yellow Grass Cemetery.
  • Marjorie Jean McCUTCHEON (6) B. 16th September 1910.  D. 30th March 1922 in Yellow Grass, SK.  She was buried at the Ceylon Cemetery.
  • Muriel Ann “Twin” McCUTCHEON (6) B. 9th October 1913 in Ceylon, SK. D. 23rd October 2010 in Toronto.  Muriel married George Thomas KENNY in 1945. ☺☺
  • Thelma “Twin” McCUTCHEON (6) B.  9th October 1913 in Ceylon, SK.  D. 11th January 2010 in Toronto, ON.  Thelma married Edward Alfred BERTRAM in 1941.  Their children:  Sandra Olive; Ralph Edward; Howard William; Bryan David.   ☺☺
  • Kenneth William McCUTCHEON (6) B. 13th January 1915 in Ceylon, SK. D. 22nd July 2009 in Radville, SK. He married Edith Violet MURRAY (1917-2011) on the 26th September 1937. They are buried at the Ceylon Cemetery. Their children: Ilene Elizabeth; David William; Carol; Alma Marie.  ☺☺
  • Douglas J McCUTCHEON (6) B. 2nd June 1916 D. 22 May 2007 in Ceylon, SK. He married Leona Jean BLACKMORE on the 14th November 1950.  He was buried at the Ceylon Cemetery. Their children: Marjorie Charlotte; Blaine Douglas; Glenyce Jean; Leonard William.  ☺☺

NOTE:  Douglas was Secretary-Treasurer of the North Ceylon Rural Telephone Company from 1960 – 1979. The Government took it over on the 4th January 1980.

  • Robert Tyrwhitt McCUTCHEON (6) B. 27th August 1918 in Ceylon, SK.  D. 20th April 1988.  He married Gloria PETERS (1920-1979) on the 22nd August 1942. Their children: Jean; Roberta; Wendy.

NOTE: Robert was a World War II Navy veteran.

  • Willard Leroy McCUTCHEON (6) B. 4th November 1920.  D. 9th April 1922 in Ceylon, SK.  He was buried at the Ceylon Cemetery.
  • Isabel Blythe McCUTCHEON (6) B. 10th June 1922 in Ceylon, SK.  She married Albin Oswald NYLUS in 1949. Their child; Charlene Blythe.
  • Ralph Elwyn McCUTCHEON (6) B. 1st November 1923 in Ceylon, SK.  D. 27th June 2011 in Claresholm, AB. He married Eva Viola Theresa HERMAN (1926-2014) in 1949. Their children: Barbara; Dale; Iris; Wayne.

NOTE: Ralph was a veteran of World War II Air force.

☺☺      Lived to be a Nonagenarian or more.

►         Homestead – Land Grants and/or Letters Patents were applied for.

‡‡         This family had a set of twins.


Picture simply says:  Tyrwhitt and Friend [George].

ii.     David Tyrwhitt McCUTCHEON (5) (Samuel McCutcheon-4; David McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON. on the 28th March 1885.  He died on the 23rd December 1969 in Shelburne, ON. He married Martha Ann REYNAR on the 27th November 1907 in Whitfield, ON.  She was born on the 23rd November 1886 in Stanton, Arthur Township, ON and she died on the 17th November 1970 in Shelburne, ON.  They are buried at the Shelburne Cemetery.  Her parents were William Reynar and Jane Maw.

NOTE:   Pictured are David Tyrwhitt McCutcheon and Martha Ann Reynar.


  • Jessie Irene McCUTCHEON (6) B. 10th April 1908 in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON.  D. circa 1990 in Collingwood, ON.  She married Hugh George Russell DAVIDSON (1904-1961) on the 25th August 1928.  Their child:  Russell William Tyrwhitt (1937-2006).
  • Anne Merle McCUTCHEON (6) B. 25th February 1910 in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON.  D. 2nd April 1939 in Toronto, ON.  She was buried at the Shelburne Cemetery.
  • George Tyrwhitt McCUTCHEON (6) B. 20th February 1912 in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON.  D. 22nd July 2003 in Shelburne, ON.  He is buried at Shelburne Cemetery. He married twice:  1st to Bessie Alice Edna FLEMING (1913-1957) on the 22nd April 1939.  Their children: Mary Elizabeth Merle; Verva Jean. 2nd to Vera Ireva May BAILEY (1910-1996).  ☺☺
  • Carl Reynar McCUTCHEON (6) B. 30th March 1914 in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON.  D. 5th January 1976 in Collingwood, ON. He is buried at Shelburne Cemetery.
  • Etoile Wenonah McCUTCHEON (6) B. 16th January 1916 in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON.  D. 24th January 2009 in Collingwood, ON.  She married William James HORNER (1905-1979) on the 1st May 1943.  Their children: Donald William; Reginald James Tyrwhitt (1946-1947); Ruth Hazel Ann; Harold James Norman. ☺☺
  • Russell Osborne McCUTCHEON (6) B. 8th May 1918 in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON.  D. 19th December 1986 in Alliston, ON.  He married Mary McDermid TAYLOR (1914-1995) on the 6th June 1942.  Their child: David (1948).

NOTE:  He enlisted in the Armed forces during World War 2.  He was amongst the Canadian Soldiers who were exposed to toxic gas.

  • Ruby Florence McCUTCHEON (6) B. circa 1913 in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON.  She married Charles Vollard CARMEN (1906-1990) on the 16th October 1943 in Toronto, ON.  Their children: Charles Robert; Florence Jean; Tyrwhitt Osborn.

 ☺☺     Lived to be a Nonagenarian or more.


 iii.          Mary Ellen McCUTCHEON (5) (Samuel McCutcheon-4; David McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, ON. on the 1st July 1887 and she died on the 16th June 1974 in Saskatoon, SK.  She was buried at the Woodlawm Cemetery.  She married John James ROGERS on the 27th February 1906 in Whitfield. ON.  He was born on the 30th June 1882 in Ontario and he died in 1978 in Saskatchewan at the age of 96 years.  His parents were James Rogers and Sarah Ann McCullough.     ►

Homestead – Land Grants and/or Letters Patents were applied for.  John and his father James applied for the Land Grants in the Kindersley area for all of Section 15.  See attached grants.


  • Stafford McCullough ROGERS (6) B.  1st January 1908 in Tossoronto, Simcoe County, ON. D. 15th December 1968.  He married Ethel Mae RANKIN (1910-?) on the 15th December 1939.
  • Clifford Albert ROGERS (6) B.  ROGERS (6) B. 7th November 1910 in Tossoronto, Simcoe County, ON. He married Audrey OVERHOLT on the 1st October 1938. Their child: Susan Audrey (1943).
  • John Allan ROGERS (6) B. 26th February 1925. He married Lucille PERSICK on the 21st March 1946. Their children: Richard James; Shelley Dianne.

KINDERSLEY SASKATCHEWAN:  Notable people who came from this area: 

  1. John James Ford- poet and fiction writer.
  2. Greg Paslawski hockey player (retired) (NHL).
  3. Curtis Glencross hockey player for the Calgary Flames(NHL).
  4. Glenda Goertzen – author.
  5. Dave Lewis – NHL head coach and former defenseman. (NHL).
  6. Derek Dorsett hockey player for the Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL).
  7. Bill Baker former CFL player who played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.



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  1. jim a. says:

    BERTRAM, Thelma Margaret (nee McCutcheon) – Peacefully on Monday, January 11, 2010 in Mississauga, in her 97th year. Beloved wife of the late Edward (Ted) Bertram. She is lovingly remembered by her children Sandra Kidd (Robert), Ralph (Michael), Howard (Kathy) and Bryan (Jennifer); her grandchildren Johanna (Jason), Tegan (Rodney), Alan (Jill), Heather, Stacey, Kevin and Kris; her great-grandchildren Quinn, Dante, Elle, Zahra and Jax; her twin sister Muriel Kenny and brother Ralph McCutcheon; and the wonderful caregiving staff and residents of Sunrise Senior Living, Mississauga. Friends may call at the Turner & Porter Butler Chapel, 4933 Dundas St. W., Etobicoke (between Kipling and Islington Aves.), from 6-8 p.m. on Friday. Funeral Service in the Chapel on Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 11 a.m. Private family interment. If desired, donations in Thelma’s name may be made to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation or a charity of your choice

  2. jim a. says:

    KENNY, Muriel Annie (nee McCutcheon) – Peacefully on Thursday, September 23, 2010 at the Toronto Western Hospital, in her 97th year. Predeceased by her husband George, her dear twin sister Thelma Bertram and eight other siblings. She is lovingly remembered by: her brother Ralph McCutcheon (Eva), sister-in-law Leona McCutcheon; many nieces and nephews, and their children and grandchildren, especially Sandra Kidd (Robert), Ralph Bertram (Michael), Howard Bertram (Kathy) and Bryan Bertram (Jennifer), Charlene Baird, Glenyce McCutcheon (David), Hazel Phair (Cecil) and Charlotte Whiteman (Harry); the Findlay Families; and the wonderful caregiving staff and residents of Kensington Gardens, Harbord West. A Funeral Service was held on Saturday, September 25, 2010, with an interment at Glendale Memorial Gardens. Arrangements were entrusted to the Turner & Porter Butler Chapel. If desired, donations in Muriel’s name may be made to The Lung Association or a charity of your choice.

  3. jim a. says:

    Edith Viola McCutcheon, late of Radville and formerly of Ceylon, SK passed away May 20, 2011, at the age of 93 years. Edith was predeceased by her parents, David and Mary Murray; her husband, Kenneth McCutcheon; brothers: John (Victoria), Carl (Eve), Roy (Ruby) and Andrew (Phyllis) Murray; sister, Evelyn (Jim) Gauley; grandson, Randall Tiszauer; son-in-law, Erwin Tiszauer; brothers and sisters-in-law: Thelma (Ted) Bertram, Muriel (George) Kenny, Isabelle (Bob) Nyhus, Bob (Gloria) McCutcheon, Doug McCutcheon and Archie Peters.

    She is survived by her children, Ilene Tiszauer, David (Lorrie) McCutcheon, Carol (Dan) Gerle; Alma Lessard;11 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; sister, Dorothy Peters; sister-in-law, Leona McCutcheon; brother-in-law Ralph (Eva) McCutcheon as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

    A Service of Remembrance for Edith was held on Wednesday May 25, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. from RD Family Funeral Chapel, Weyburn, SK with Kathy Gudnason, officiating. A private family interment followed at Ceylon Cemetery, Ceylon, SK.

    For family and friends so wishing donations in memory of Edith may be made to the Radville & District Health Center Foundation, Box 310, Radville, SK S0C 2G0.

  4. Margaret says:

    Minnie nee: Armstrong Spearing was BORN IN 1904 ACCORDING TO PROVINCIAL CENSUS OF 1906 BOISEVAIN MB

  5. Marjorie Bangsund says:

    Nice to find this piece of family history. Well done. I am a great-grandaughter of Samuel McCutcheon – granddaughter of William

  6. Gloria Jean Carvath says:

    I found this family history to be very interesting. I,also am a great-grandaughter of Samuel McCutcheon-granddaughter of William

  7. Brian McCutcheon says:

    The note at the beginning of the chapter states that Samuel David 1855-1950″ lived to see 7 generations of his family”, starting with Isabella Morrison his G grandmother. I have her death as 1845. Also his grandmother Charlotte Letitia died in 1852 three years before his birth. Am I mistaken? Isabella Morrison is my 3G grandmother. Can anyone clarify these dates?

    • That information came from a researcher called “Alice Burke” who wrote a book called “McCutcheon Pioneers”. So far as I know, that book was never in print and other than excerpts of it online, it is not available to e purchased. I think a copy may be found at the old McCutcheon house museum in Ontario. If that info is to be believed, then she died sometime after 1850. I believe she outlived her daughter.

      • Brian McCutcheon says:

        Alice Burke’s “McCutcheon Pioneers book also states that the 1961 census lists Sarah McCutcheon, age 85, living with David and Mary Ellen. She was likely David’s unmarried aunt and sister of Samuel the pioneer. She could have been the “little, old bent-up lady” that Samuel David (age 6) may have remembered since she was living with them. That lady would have been his Grand aunt.

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