Chapter 12: Samuel McCutcheon’s Daughter Charlotte (1827-1860):


Charlotte Letitia McCUTCHEON (3) (Samuel-2; Samuel-1) was born in 1827 in Ontario, Canada.  She died on the 21st April 1860 in Mulmur, ON and is buried at the Mulmur Pioneer Cemetery.  She married John ROBINSON (1825-29th May 1858) on 4th April 1848.  His parents were Francis Robinson who was born in Sligo, Ireland and Mary.  Both of his parents died in Mulmur, Ontario.

NOTE:   Methodism was a non-conformist, evangelic revival protestant movement within the Anglican Church that was founded by John Wesley circa 1740 in England.  One of his methods of preaching was “open air” preaching as he wandered the countryside that came to be called “itinerant preaching”.  The Methodist Church became heavily involved in missionary work, setting up soup kitchens, orphanages and hospitals around the world.

It was to this religion that Charlotte and John gravitated to.

John was an itinerant Methodist Preacher.  The family lived in Flint, Michigan for a while.

Charlotte and John died within three years of each other, orphaning very young children.  Both Charlotte and John were 33 years old at the time of their deaths; very young.

Their daughter, Mary Jane was raised by her Uncle William and Ann McCutcheon in Nottawasaga Township and historical records have been found stating this.  However, I have not found any record as to who raised the other three children.

BIOGRAPHICAL – from the Christian Guardian, May 1852:

Mrs. Letitia McCutcheon of Mulmur

It was at the altar of prayer I formed a profitable acquaintance with a  departed friend, when as a sincere penitent, she presented herself, imploring  the prayers of the people. She first came to reside in the family of a pious  son-in-law, one of our leaders (John Robinson). Her daughter, Mrs. Robinson, came  forward to seek true religion; I felt great anxiety less the mother’s  prejudices might overrule and hinder the daughter, yet after long and earnest  seeking the daughter found peace and joy in believing; then to our great joy,  came the aged parent, and to our greater joy was so on made to rejoice in Christ  the Lord.

The book in which she was taught her first lesson is to this day, in a state of  preservation bought in Belfast, the same year the French invaded Ireland (1793).

This year, by a strange providence, she came to the Mulmur meetings, where the  happy lesson of believing in the Lord was taught, learned and joyfully  experienced by her. After her conversion, she was immediately attacked with  dropsy, and after a little lingering she died in great pain.  How good, how wise His hand!

W. Dignam

Mrs. Margaret Denough, of Mono.


  • Francis ROBINSON (4).                                                                         “A”  following.
  • Samuel John ROBINSON (4) (Charlotte-3; Samuel-2; Samuel-1) was born on the 4th May 1851 in Mulmur, Ontario and he died on the 30th June 1874 at the age of 23 years.  He was buried at the Mulmur Pioneer Cemetery.  Samuel was 9 years old when his mother died, but it is not known who raised him.
  • Mary Jane ROBINSON (4).                                                                    “ B” following.
  • William ROBINSON (4).

NOTE:   There is some information circulating that he married Elizabeth Hill.  However, upon checking the marriage records, there was a William Thomas Robinson who married Eliza Hill.  However, this is not our William Robinson.

The William Thomas Robinson and Eliza Hill did have a daughter who married John James Kirkpatrick.  As far as I can determine, they are no relation to our William.

William was 4 years old when his mother died, but it is not known who raised him.

William was buried at the Mulmur Pioneer Cemetery.                        


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