A: Mary (1803-?)

A:   Mary McCUTCHEON (3) (William McCutcheon-2; McCutcheon-1) was born circa 1803 in County Down, Northern Ireland.   She married William NELSON on the 30th March 1837 in the Home District, ON.  He was born circa 1800.  ♥

NOTE:   Witnesses at Mary and William’s marriage were David Jeffery and David McCutcheon.  Other than the marriage record for Mary and William and the birth record for their son Alexander, no other historical records have been found for this family.  It is possible that they immigrated to the United States or went west to “The Territories” of Canada.

♥          Siblings married siblings:  In this case brother and sister, Mary and William McCutcheon married Brother and sister, William and Letitia Nelson.


  • Alexander NELSON (4) (Mary McCutcheon-3; William McCutcheon-2; McCutcheon-1) was born about 1837 in Vaughan Township, York County, ON.

One thought on “A: Mary (1803-?)

  1. Darlene says:

    I am a decedant of William Nelson who married Mary McCutcheon – if you need any information – please email me

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