A: John Alexander (1815-1905)

A:       John Alexander McCUTCHEON (4) (Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born in Sloanstown, Donaghadee, County Down, Northern Ireland the 25th December 1815 and he died on the 22nd February 1905 in Adjala, Simcoe, ON.  He was buried at Thompsons Cemetery.  He married Elizabeth ALLEN (1821 – 26th January 1884) circa 1843 in Adjala.  Elizabeth was born in Ireland.  ☺☺

John Alexander was just a small child of 5 or 6 when he made the arduous journey across the Atlantic Ocean from Ireland to Quebec. He and Elizabeth put down roots on their farm in Adjala and remained there until their deaths.  2 of his 9 children (Agnes and Elizabeth- the oldest and the youngest) migrated west to a homestead outside Edmonton, Alberta.

Shelburne Free Press – February 22, 1905

The death of John McCutcheon of Alliston removed one of Adjala’s oldest settlers.  Deceased is survived by 2 daughters who reside in the west and 3 sons, Robert of Mono Centre, James of Manitoulin Island; and William of Alliston.  The remains were buried in Thompson’s Cemetery.


  • Agnes McCUTCHEON (5).                    See i following.
  • Mary McCUTCHEON (5).                      See  ii following.
  • Robert McCUTCHEON (5).                   See  iii following.
  • John Alexander McCUTCHEON (5) was born on the 28th February 1848 in Adjala Township, Simcoe County, ON. and he died at the age of 32 years on the 20th January 1881 in Adjala Township.  John never married. He was buried at Thompsons Pioneer Cemetery.


  •  James McCUTCHEON (5).                    See iv following.
  • Edward McCUTCHEON (5) was born on the 7th September 1851 in Adjala Township, Simcoe County, ON. and he died on the 8th May 1893 at the age of 41 years.  Edward never married.  He suffered from Epilepsy. He was also burid at Thompsons Pioneer Cemetery.


  •  William John McCUTCHEON (5).         See v following.
  • Ellen McCUTCHEON (5) was born in 1857 in Adjala Township, Simcoe County, ON. Ellen is absent on the 1861 Ontario Census so she possibly died as an infant.
  • Elizabeth McCUTCHEON (5).                 See vi following.

☺☺      Lived to be a Nonagenarian or more.

AGNES McCUTCHEON (1843-1919):

i:          Agnes McCUTCHEON (5) (John McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 6th April 1843 in Adjala Township, Simcoe County, ON and she died circa 1919 in Edmonton, AB.  She married Thomas ROBINSON (1805 – 1885) on the 4th October 1863 in Adjala.


  • James Alexander ROBINSON (6) B.  1865 in Adjala Township, Simcoe West.
  • Thomas B ROBINSON (6) B. 1868 in Adjala Township, Simcoe West.
  • John Newton ROBINSON (6) B. 1870 in Adjala Township, Simcoe West.►
  • Robert C ROBINSON (6) B. 1871 in Adjala Township, Simcoe West.
  • Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON (6) B. 1st January 1875 in Adjala Township, Simcoe West.

Edmonton, Alberta.  Date was the  10th March 1938.

This is a declaration of an un-registered birth for Mary Elizabeth Robinson.  Her mother`s youngest sibling Elizabeth was 77 years old at the time this declaration was done.  She was living in Edmonton.

Saying:  I am the Aunt of Mary Elizabeth Robinson, sister of her mother, and was a near neighbour although not present in the house when at the time of the birth but I saw the child within three days………………….

Mary Elizabeth perhaps was applying for a passport or social benefits, etc.  and needed to prove her birth date.

  MARY McCUTCHEON (1844-1896):

ii:          Mary McCUTCHEON (5) (John McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 27th January 1844 in Adjala Township, Simcoe County, ON.  She died circa 1896.  She married Unknown WALKER circa 1865 in Adjala and they had 2 known children:  Robert Walker (1865) and Ida Walker (1867).  It is probable that this family migrated, possibly to the USA.

ROBERT McCUTCHEON (1845-1922):

iii:         Robert McCUTCHEON (5) (John McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 21st July 1845 and he died on the 20th of November 1922 in Adjala Township, Simcoe County, ON.  Both he and his wife were buried at Burns Cemetery.  He married Mary LUNDY (1833-1887) circa 1870. Her father was Robert Lundy.


  • Martha Ann McCUTCHEON (6) B. 7th July 1871 County and she died on the 31st May 1939 in Mono Township, Dufferin County.   Martha never married.
  • Elizabeth Jane Victoria Edith McCUTCHEON (6) B. 8th December 1875 and she died on the 8th October 1963 in Mono Township, Dufferin County.  She married widower Richard Whittington LANGFORD on the 15th April 1914.  She was buried at the Mono Center Cemetery.

JAMES McCUTCHEON (1851-1922);

iv:        James McCUTCHEON (5) (John McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 20th March 1851 in Adjala Township, Simcoe County, ON. and he died on the 14th December 1922 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island.  He was buried at the Hilly Grove Cemetery.  He married Anna HUTCHINSON on the 30thJune 1875 in Little Current, Algoma.  Anna died at the age of 94 years and is buried with James. Her parents were Richard Hutchinson and Melissa Martin.

NOTE:  James made an application to obtain Lot 5. Concession 2, in Sandfield Township on the 21st March 1881.  See attached.  This is page 1 of 3 pages that can be found at the following link.



TAKEN FROM “The Canadian Champion”, Milton, Ontario 20th June 1872, Page 2,
Column 6:

Two accidents of a serious nature have lately occurred in connection with the lumbering operations at Manitoulin Island.  James McCutcheon, in the employ of Robert Adam Lyon and Company, was severely crushed whilst engaged in breaking roll-aways by the logs starting unexpectedly.  He is recovering quite rapidly as could be expected under the circumstances.

Another employee named Ferguson had the better part of his foot cut off by the large circular saw.  He had changed “works” that morning with an acquaintance, and not being familiar with the work of tail sawing, got on the wrong side of the saw.  Hence, the accident, which has maimed the poor fellow, probably for life.

Both cases are progressing very favourably under the skilful direction of Dr. Simpson, Manitowaning.

The season in the higher altitudes is unusually cold and backward.

Obituary, The Recorder, Gore Bay, Thursday, January 4, 1923:

The Late James McCutcheon:

On Thursday, December 14 at 3 o’clock PM another of the Island Pioneers in the person of James McCutcheon passed away at the age of seventy-on after a prolonged illness. Mr. McCutcheon was born in the township of Adjala in the County of Dufferin in the year 1851.

He came to the Manitoulin about fifty years ago to engage in the timber business, with the Robert Adam Lyon and Company at Michael’s Bay.

The lure of the land soon led him to engage in the farming industry on an extensive scale in the township of Sandfield.

The well-known McCutcheon farm consisted of 500 Acres with a splendid house and large modern barns situated on the trunk road between Sandfield Mills and Manitowaning is a credit to our island. He was a natural lover of horses and livestock and more than eighteen years ago the writer on his first visit to this farm was by Mr. McCutcheon a splendid herd of pure bred Registered Shorthorn Cattle.

In his earlier life Mr. McCutcheon devoted considerable time to Municipal affairs and for a number of years served his municipality as reeve with marked efficiency.

In 1875 he married Annie Hutchinson. This union was blest with twelve children of which seven sons and two daughters are still living: Stewart of Duluth, Michigan; Minard of Spring Bay, Norman of Winnipeg, John of Bruce mines, Vesper, Harold and Clifford at home and Mrs. O. Lifton and Mrs. E. March and both of Vancouver B.C.

He is also survived by one sister, Mrs. Thomas Allen of Edmonton, and one brother, William, of the Niagara district, they being the youngest two of a family of seven.

The funeral service which was held at the family residence was conducted by the Rev. W.W. Anglin, a former pastor and friend of many years to the deceased and his family, who delivered a message of comfort to the bereaved and of tribute to the memory of the deceased.

A very large number of sympathetic friends and neighbours were in attendance.

The pall bearers were Minard, Naaman; Vesper; Harold; Clifford; sons of the deceased and William Tilson.

Mr. Hugh Little was in charge as undertaker and funeral director. Internment took place at Hilly Grove Cemetery. Mrs. McCutcheon and family have the sympathy of the entire community.

►         Homestead– Land Grants and/or Letters Patents were applied for.


  • Agnes McCUTCHEON (6) B.  26thMarch 1876 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island.  Agnes possibly died as an infant as she is not found on any Census.  The only historical data for Agnes is her birth certificate.
  • Stewart McCUTCHEON (6) B. 25thMarch 1878 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island.  D. circa 1980.  Stewart married Freda circa 1905.  Their two children: Edward C (1906); James (1916).

NOTE:   Stewart immigrated to Superior, WI in 1898.  On the 1910 US federal census, he was the proprietor of a saloon. At the age of 40 years, Stewart was drafted into the US military on the 12th September 1918 in Superior, Wisconsin.  ☺☺

  • Rosena McCUTCHEON (6) B. 1880 D. 25th October 1881 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island.  Rosena died of inflammation.
  • Eva May McCUTCHEON (6) B.  21st November 1881 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island and she died on the 23rd November 1941 in Vancouver.  She married Oscar Milford LIFTON on the 29thSeptember 1909 in Toronto. Their child: Harold (1918-1974).

NOTE:   On their marriage certificate Oscar`s (in Toronto) occupation was “builder”.  By 1911, this family was living in Vancouver, BC on Nye Street, North Vancouver and his trade was still “builder”.  Eva and her son, Harold, died in Vancouver.

  • Cella McCUTCHEON (6) B.  13th July 1883 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island.  She married Ernest William MARCHANT on the 8th September 1921 in Vancouver, BC. She was buried at the Hilly Grove Cemetery.  This couple produced no children.

 OBITUARY: un-cited. Thursday, May 26, 1956 – Mrs. Cela Marchant: 

The death of Mrs. Cela McCutcheon Marchant on Friday, April 27, at the Red Cross hospital, Mindemoya, leaves a vacancy in the early pioneers born on Manitoulin.  Mrs. Marchant was born on the McCutcheon homestead in the township of Sandfield, July 13, 1883.  She attended Sandfield public school and the Methodist Church at Tehkummah.  Her generous and kindly disposition will ever be remembered by those who knew her.

As a young girl Mrs. Marchant went to Toronto where she spent a number of years.  Later she went to Vancouver and was employed by the Hudson’s Bay Company.  She was one of the leading sales ladies in that store.

In September 1921 she married Ernest William Marchant.  Mrs. Marchant lived on the west coast until 1945 when she returned to Manitoulin and for the past 10 years resided at Mindemoya.  Mrs. Marchant was a member of the United Church and belonged to the Order of the Eastern Star.

The funeral was held from the McCutcheon home on Sunday, April 29.  The service was conducted by Rev. Higginbotham of Mindemoya, assisted by Rev. Mary Dougherty of Tehkummah.  Rev. Dougherty sang the beautiful hymn “There Is No Night There” accompanied by Mrs. George Ward at the piano. The many floral tributes showed the esteem in which Mrs. Marchant was held.

She is survived by her husband, Ernest Marchant, three brothers, Stewart of Superior, USA, Vesper Manitowaning and Clifford of Sandfield.  Pall bearers were Burkett Robinson, William Hare, Roy Arnold, Bert Watson, David Ward, and W. Tilson.

  • Minard McCUTCHEON (6) B. 21ST April 1885 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island.  He died suddenly at Bruce Mines, Algoma on the 27th February 1939 and was buried at the Hilly Grove Cemetery.  He married Elizabeth Jane McDONALD on the 22nd March 1916.
  • Naaman McCUTCHEON (6) B. 1st February 1888 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island and he died in Los Angeles, California on the 25th August 1950.  He married Euphemia Elizabeth BROWN on the 24thSeptember 1913 in Toronto. Their children: Vivian (1914); Mildred (1916); Evelyn (1917); Allan J (1920).

NOTE:   They lived in Brandon, Manitoba for 11 years where their 4 children were born.  They immigrated to the USA in 1924.  He became a US citizen on the 14th June 1940Obituary Uncited: The McCutcheon family of Sandfield was notified last week of the passing of a brother, Naaman McCutcheon, in Los Angles California.  He was well known on Manitoulin Island, having spent his boyhood there. He left the Island when he finished school.

  • John Alexander McCUTCHEON (6) B. 23rd September 1890 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island and he died on the 17th September 1952.  He was buried at the Greenwood Cemetery in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.  He married Sarah Katherine Jessie TEES on the 27th October 1915.  They had 3 sons:  Harold, Wallace and Franklin Tees McCutcheon.

OBITUARY, Manitoulin Expositor 1952

John A McCutcheon, Sault Saint Marie, died suddenly at Plummer Memorial Hospital, Wednesday, September 17.  Mr. McCutcheon was born in Sandfield, the son of the late James and Ann McCutcheon, and husband of the late Mrs. Catherine McCutcheon.

Mr. McCutcheon is survived by two sons, Harold and Wallace, and one sister, Mrs. Marchant, (Cela), Manitowaning;  three brothers, Stewart, Superior, USA, Vesper, Manitowaning and Clifford, Sandfield.  Funeral service was conducted from Langstaff’s Funeral Home Chapel, Friday afternoon at 2 p.m., September 19.  Rev. J. D. McKenzie officiated.  Internment took place in Greenwood Cemetery.

McCUTCHEON, Franklin Tees

R/139233, Flight Sergeant (pilot), RCAF serving with 51 Squadron, Royal Air Force (Halifax Bombers) was shot down on a bombing raid over the Ruhr on 19 November 1943.  He was 25 years of age.

The Ruhr was Germany’s industrial heartland which made it a prime target for Bomber Command and a top priority for German air and anti-aircraft defense.

THE BARRIE EXAMINER REPORTED IN FEBRUARY 1944:  “Flight Sergeant McCUTCHEON believed killed”

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. McCUTCHEON, 524 Albert Street E, Sault Ste. Marie, recently received word from RCAF Casualties Officer that German sources have informed the International Red Cross that their son, Flight-Sgt. Franklin Tees McCutcheon (R-139233) lost his life on November 19.  No other particulars were given and pending further confirmation, their son is now for official purposes considered “Missing, believed Killed.”

Flight-Sgt. McCUTCHEON was captain and pilot of a four-engine aircraft which was sent to bomb targets in the German Ruhr on November 19 and on November 22 his parents were notified that he was missing from his aerial operation which was his third over enemy territory.  Three members of his crew have already turned up as prisoners of war and among these is the only other Canadian, the bomb-aimer.  Flight-Sgt. McCUTCHEON had previously taken part in the big raids over Hanover and Kassel and in this later raid, which was on the night of his 25th birthday, his plane was badly chopped by flak, but he managed to pilot it back to its bomber-base in England.

The young airman had done exceedingly well in his training, having got the highest assessment in his class before being attached to the RAF.  In a letter received from his Commanding Officer, high tribute was paid to his zeal and conscientiousness and in furtherance; the officer stated that “he was a pilot of very great promise.”

Flight-Sgt. McCUTCHEON was born at Bruce Mines, Ontario, but prior to joining the Air-force, spent the greater part of his life in Sault Ste. Marie and Barrie.  He attended Alex Muir Public School and SCI Sault Ste. Marie and BCI in Barrie.  At the time of his enlistment, he was employed by National Steel Car, Hamilton.  A brother, Harold, RCAF, after having spent 18 months over-seas in ground-crew duties, has been recently repatriated for the purpose to re-muster to aircrew and is now stationed at No. 1 Manning Depot, Toronto.  Another brother, Wallace, is in Sault Ste. Marie.

Flight-Sgt. McCUTCHEON enlisted in Hamilton, Ontario, and trained in Cap de la Madeleine and Victoriaville, Quebec, and was winged by the Governor-General in St. Hubert in December 1942 and proceeded overseas during the following month.

Frank McCUTCHEON is buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery, Germany.  He is also memorialized on page 189 of the Second World War Book of Remembrance in the Peace Tower, Parliament Buildings, Ottawa. RESEARCHED BY – ADAM McARTHUR.

  • Vesper McCUTCHEON (6) B. 4th April 1893 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island and he died on the 4th January 1982.  He married Annie Lillian Beatrice CAMPBELL on the 29th July 1931.  He was buried at the Hilly Grove Cemetery.  ☺☺

 A Time to Remember”

Excerpts From A History Book Published by the Assiginack Historical Society.

Vesper McCutcheon and Lily Campbell

Vesper McCutcheon, son of Anna and James McCutcheon was born on the 4th April 1893.  As a young man, he was employed on the assembly line for General Motors in Detroit. After working there for several years, he decided to return to Sandfield where he purchased property in the Silver Bay area.

On the 29th July 1931 he married Lily Campbell, daughter of George and Ada Campbell of Big Lake. Lily, born in 1902, was a school teacher who taught in Honora, Rockville, Evansville and at Dean Lake.

Vesper and Lily owned and operated McCutcheon’s Camp in Silver Bay on Lake Manitou for twenty years. Vesper was an ardent fisherman and guide who enjoyed taking their tourist visitors fishing. Lily was an excellent cook who baked and prepared many delicious meals that were enjoyed by hungry fishermen and other tourists who stayed at their camp.

They sold the Camp in the early 1950’s and moved to Manitowaning to retire.

Vesper owned many pieces of property in Assiginack Township over the years.  Their home was on L. 11, Queen St. N. which is where the Baptist Church had been in earlier times.  They spent many winters in Florida where they belonged to the largest shuffleboard club in the world. At that time, Vesper was a top shuffler, having won many trophies over the years.

Vesper and Lily were the first people in Manitowaning to own a television.  It was a common occurrence to see people heading up to McCutcheon’s to watch any special feature on the television.

They celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary July 29, 1981 in the Laurentian Hospital where Vesper was a patient.  He passed away on the 29th August 1982 at Manitoulin Health Centre at the age of 89.  He is buried in Hilly Grove Cemetery.

  • Allan James McCUTCHEON (6) B. 29th October 1895 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island and he died on the 4th June 1917 in Bay City, Michigan.  He was buried at the Hilly Grove Cemetery.  See story:

Manitoulin Man Shot in Michigan – Clipping Un-cited.

Victim of Shooting at Bay City is said to be Allen McCutcheon.

(Special Dispatch to the Globe).

Bay City, Michigan.  June 4.  Police tonight, it is said, definitely identified the man fatally shot today in the home of Charles J. Winterhalter, on the west side of the city.  They claim he is Allen McCutcheon, 35 years old, and a resident of Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

The shooting occurred when McCutcheon tried, it is said, to force an entrance into the Winterhalter home through a window.  Charles Nolan, a sixteen year old nephew of the Winterhalters, heard the noise, and taking McCutcheon for a burglar, fired the shot which caused his death.

Charles Vance, a close friend of McCutcheon, says they came to Bay City from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, a few weeks ago, and he is confident McCutcheon was killed by mistake.

The police theory is that the man attempted to make his way into the house, believing it to be his boarding place.

  • Oscar Harold James McCUTCHEON (6) B. 21st February 1899 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island and he died on the 31st October 1934.  He was buried at the Hilly Grove Cemetery.  He married Zella Ida VANHORN on the 16th February 1933.  See Obituary:   ♥

 OBITUARY: un-cited.

On Tuesday, October 16th 1934, a very sad accident happened to Harold McCutcheon, a young farmer near Bruce mines, Ontario.  While driving his truck from his [home?] to the village in turning a sharp corner where gravel had been recently spread, one of the front tires blew out, causing the truck to turn completely over.  He was thrown from the truck and received serious spinal injuries.

Dr. Grigg after preliminary examination rushed him to the hospital in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where he was given X-ray treatment and on Wednesday morning, he was removed to St. Michaels Hospital, Toronto, where everything possible was done to save his life.  For several days fond hopes were entertained for a complete recovery, but owing to serious complications he began to fail rapidly and on Wednesday morning, October 21st, he passed peacefully away.  The word of his death came as a great shock to his many friends on the Manitoulin where he was so well known.

He was born near Sandfield Mills, on the 21st February 1899 and spent the greater part of his life on the old and well known McCutcheon homestead.

In the fall of 1926 he went to Detroit, Michigan and later on to Chicago where he was employed as a salesman for the Air Way Vacuum Company.  In the spring of 1927 he returned to Detroit where he was associated with the Cadillac Motor Car Company for two years.  He then went to Los Angeles, California and was employed by the Poke Directory Company until the spring of 1931, when he returned home and spent the two following years with his mother and brothers on the farm.

He was well known and very popular among the young people of the Island being for some years a star baseball pitcher of the Tehkummah and Sandfield team.

On February 16th, 1933, he was married to Miss Zella Van Horne of Mindemoya and shortly afterwards moved to the farm he had purchased near Bruce Mines.

The remains were brought to his mother’s home on Thursday where on Friday, November 2nd, the funeral service was held.  Reverend W. W. Anglin assisted by Reverend Cockburn conducted the service and preached to a very large and sympathetic congregation from the words:  Our Friend Sleepeth—John 11:11…..

Mr. Wightman, school teacher at Tehkummah, sang the very appropriate solo:   “SOME DAY WE WILL UNDERSTAND”.  [They produced three children:  Harold Junior; Marylyn Ann; James Thomas].

  • Jacob McCUTCHEON (6) B. 1st November 1900 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island and he died before 1952.
  • Lewis Clifford (Cliff) McCUTCHEON (6) B. 24th February 1903 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island and he died on the 9th March 1985.  He married Violet Elizabeth Van Horne on the 18th August 1926.  ♥

►         Homestead – Land Grants and/or Letters Patents were applied for.

☺☺      Lived to be a Nonagenarian or more. 

♥          Siblings married Siblings  In this case two brothers Oscar and Lewis McCutcheon married two Van Horn sisters, Zella and Violet.


v:         William John McCUTCHEON (5) (John McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 21st January 1855 in Adjala Township, Simcoe County, ON. and he died in 1933 in Niagara Fall, New York.  He was buried at Prospect Cemetery.  William married twice.  His first wife was Elizabeth Ann SCOTT (1859-1894) whom he married on the 21st February 1883.  Elizabeth was buried at Thompsons Pioneer Cemetery (Rosemont).  Elizabeth died of Peritonitis. Elizabeth’s parents were Robert and Elizabeth Scott.  His second wife was Mary Ellen STOREY (1876-1941); married on the 1stJuly 1895. Mary Ellen’s parents were Johnathan Heslip Storey and Margaret Flatt.

William John McCutcheon was living with his son, William Garfield in Niagara Falls, New York when he died.  He was living with his widowed son and 2 adopted children.  William G. was listed as a Paper Mill Worker on his emigration papers into the USA. He was also listed as a widower.  William G. became a naturalized US Citizen.

Headstone of Elizabeth Ann Scott is one of 5 McCutcheon headstones in the Thompsons Pioneer Cemetery.   William John is not buried here. Permission has been kindly granted to use these pictures.


  • Robert John McCUTCHEON (6) B. on the 4th November 1883 in Adjala township, Simcoe County and he died on the 5th December 1956.  He was buried at the Prospect Cemetery.  He married Elizabeth Rose ARCHER on the 5th June 1915 in Toronto.  Their children:  George; Thomas William (1916); Robert Brydon (1918-1922); Elizabeth Harriett (1922-1993); William John (1926-2005).
  • William Garfield McCUTCHEON (6) B. on the 9th August 1885 in Adjala township, Simcoe County and he died on the 12th December 1971 in Ransomville, Niagara, New York.  He married Hazel FITZGERALD (1887-1929) on the 24th May 1917.  His adopted children were:  Catherine (1913); Francis J (1915).


  • Lawrence S McCUTCHEON (6) B. on the 17th July 1896 in Adjala Township, Simcoe County.
  • Mary Elizabeth Olive Daisy McCUTCHEON (6) B. on the 29th April 1898 in Adjala township, Simcoe County and she did on the 30th July 1948 in Toronto.  She married Stanley MacFarlane WALLER (1896-1965) on the 4th August 1919 in Toronto.


 vi:        Elizabeth McCUTCHEON (5) (John McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 17th July 1860 in Adjala Township Simcoe County, ON.  and she died on the 20th November 1939 in Edmonton, AB.  She was buried at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery.  She married Thomas ALLEN (1861-?) on the 27th September 1882.  Thomas owned a feed and sales stable outside Edmonton.

Obituary Elizabeth McCutcheon November 1939

Obituary Alliston Herald MRS. ELIZABETH ALLEN

The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth McCutcheon Allen aged 78, widow of the late Thomas Allen, both pioneers from Rosemont, Ontario, was held at Metropolitan United Church, Edmonton, Alberta, on Thursday, November 23 at 2:30 p.m. The pastor, Rev. McIlroy Thompson and Rev. Dr. George McDonald, pastor of the neighbouring Knox United Church cooperated. The latter referred to the services of the Allen family in both the church and the local community which, for so many years after their arrival at this frontier of the West was the end of steel.

They went west from Rosemont, ON. in 1894, since which time Mrs. Allen had resided in the community of South Edmonton, until her death.

The pastor referred to how their old home at Rosemont had been on the circuit of one of the pioneer sky pilots of Old Ontario well-nigh a century ago and how she had resided here for almost half a century. As the funeral cortege moved to Mount Pleasant Cemetery it rounded the corner where on arrival in 1894 Mr. Allen had built his first home and operated a feed and sales stable where his patrons were old-time townsfolk or homesteaders on the ever widening frontiers of the Edmonton district.

It was also recalled by some that at that time it took two weeks by train to come from Dufferin County to Edmonton, N.W.T. and a whole day by train from Calgary to Edmonton – journeys are now made by plane.

The pallbearers were Messrs. McHooy, F. Richards, F. McKittrick, J. D. Foster, E. Main and Alex McDermid. Mrs. Allen is survived by two daughters Mrs. F. T. Cook, Edmonton and Mrs. J.R. Green, Os_____, Alberta, one son; Harold Thomas, Prince of Wales Armouries, Edmonton and seven grandchildren.


  • Gertrude Margaret Elizabeth ALLEN (6). (Elizabeth McCutcheon-5; John McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1)  B. on the 17th July 1887 in Dufferin, ON.  She married F. T. Cook.
  • Bertha L ALLEN (6). (Elizabeth McCutcheon-5; John McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1)  B. on the 23rd June 1891 in Mono, Dufferin, ON.  She married J. R. Green.
  • Harold Thomas ALLEN (6). (Elizabeth McCutcheon-5; John McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1)  B. on the 10th June 1898 in Edmonton, AB. (used to be called Strathcona).

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