C: Robert Senior (1825-1881)

C:       Robert (senior) (4) (Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was the first one born at the new homestead in Rosemont, ON. on the 8th July 1825 and he died on the 18th December 1881 in Shelburne, ON.  He married Abigail HUGHES (1836-1874) on the 24th February 1852 in the town of Arthur, ON.  Abigail was the daughter of William HUGHES and Abigail PATTERSON and the sister of Mary Ann HUGHES.  Abigail was born in Girvin, Scotland.  Robert’s brother James married Mary Ann Hughes. ♥

NOTE:   In 1861, Robert and Abigail were farming near the village of Arthur, Ontario.  However, by 1871 they were living in the village of Arthur where Robert was working as a butcher.  It was here that all of their children were born.  By 1881 Robert was widowed and lived in the village of Shelburne with two of his sons; Robert (Junior) who was a barber and 16 year old Henry.

Robert died of typhoid fever and was buried at the Shelburne Cemetery.


  • Robert Potter McCUTCHEON (5)   See # i following.
  • Abigail McCUTCHEON (5)             See # ii following.
  • James Beck McCUTCHEON (5)      See # iii following.
  • William John McCUTCHEON (5)     See # iv following.
  • Mary Jane McCUTCHEON (5) born in 1862 in Arthur, ON.  She married John Smith GREY (1855-?) on the 10th December 1880 in Arthur. Nothing is known about this couple.

NOTE:  John’s parents were Thomas Grey and Anna Smith.   John was born in Ireland in 1855.  John’s last name is so badly misspelled in census records that tracing this couple is very difficult.  The name is spelled either “Grey or Gray”.

  • Hugh Henry McCUTCHEON (5) was born on the 13th September 1864  in Arthur, ON. and he died on the 21st September 1909 in Fenton, Genesee County, MI.  He was buried at the Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit.  Cause of death is shown as “Cirrhosis of Liver”.  Hugh married Anne KLINGER (1873-?) on the 6th June 1895 in Windsor, Essex, Ontario.  Her parents were Charles Klinger and Fannie Sigwart.  Annie was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

NOTE:  Hugh’s profession on his marriage certificate was listed as “barber”.  On this same certificate, Hugh’s marital status was “Divorced”.  They were both living in Detroit, MI at the time of their marriage. This family produced no children.  Anna Klinger was a Hotel Keeper in the 1910 US Census in Fenton, MI.

  • Thomas Stewart McCUTCHEON (5) was born in 1870 in Arthur, ON.  Thomas died at the Toronto Free Hospital on the 9th May 1919, age 49 years of Phthisis Pulmonalis.  He was single and a barber by trade.  He was living in Mt. Dennis, ON at the time.  His parents are listed as Robert McCutcheon and Abbie Hughes. (Physician’s Return of Death).  Thomas lived with his brother, Hugh, in Detroit in 1900 before returning to Canada.
  • Agnes McCUTCHEON (5)        See # v following.


i.   Robert Potter McCUTCHEON (5) (Robert McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 31st August 1855 in Arthur, ON. and he died on the 19th February 1888 in Shelburne, ON.  He was buried at the Shelburne Cemetery.  He married Ann Jane ALLEN (1864-1925) on the 1st January 1883.  She remarried and produced one more child, a ½ sibling to Austin, not mentioned here.


NOTE:   Doctor’s return of death states that Robert died of “consumption”, the old-Fashioned term for Tuberculosis.   Within the space of a few months of Robert’s death, Ann sold both of his barber shops and moved to Toronto.  She was married shortly after moving to Toronto.  Whether her second husband died or she divorced him is not known; however, Ann and Austin and her other son, Thomas Johnstone were living in Detroit by 1910, minus any more husbands.

  • Irene McCUTCHEON (6) B. 1886 in Shelburne, ON. and she died on the 6th December 1893 at the age of 8 years, in Toronto.  She died of Paralysis.
  • Austin Allen McCUTCHEON (6) B. 9th January 1885 in Shelburne, ON.  He married Agnes Francis TRAEDER (1890-1918) circa 1911. Her parents were Julius Traeder and Mary Messick. Their 3 children:  Allen Robert 15th February 1913 – 5th May 1999; Irene M 30th May 1914 – 15th October 2013; Melvin (1916). All were all born in Detroit, MI.

NOTE:  Austin Allen McCutcheon moved to Detroit, Michigan. One day after 1920, he disappeared and nothing more at present is known. Before his disappearance he and his family moved from Detroit for a period of less than a year, but then they moved back to Detroit.

After the disappearance of their father, Austin Allen, Allen Robert, his younger sister Irene and brother Melvin lived at first with their grandmother, Ann Jane Allen McCutcheon Johnston in Detroit, Michigan, until her death in 1925. After that the three children were split up between various relatives. Allen lived for a while in Mt. Clemens, Michigan with a great aunt, Nellie Moore until she too passed away. Then he lived for 2-3 years in the local rectory under the aegis of Father Hayes until he completed high school. His sister Irene lived with the nuns in the mother house in Monroe, Michigan and Melvin ended up in northern Michigan. Irene lived in Monroe, Michigan until her death; Melvin lives in Ross Common, Michigan.

Austin’s children made a public appeal to find the whereabouts of their father, but nothing ever came of that appeal.

5th May 1919: Austin Allen became a naturalized US citizen.

27th April 1942: World War II draft records show Austin living at 1400 Jefferson Avenue in Washington, Pennsylvania and he was the owner of a Restaurant and Gas Station. He was living with his wife, Gladys Long and another son, Charles. He was 57 years old on this record. After he disappeared, 5 records have been found: His US naturalization records, 1930, 1935, 1940 census records and WWII draft registration.

7th September 1951: Died: Age: 66; Rural Amwell, Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA. He went into a Diabetic Coma. He was widowed. Gladys predeceased him on the 5th August 1945. Charles McCutcheon was the signatory on his death certificate.


ii.    Abigail McCUTCHEON (5) (Robert McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 16th October 1857 in Arthur, ON.  She married twice:  First to James Wright TREMBLE (1857 – 1890) on the 20th June 1881 in Arthur.  Second to Alfred COO (1867-?) on the 29th June 1892 in Toronto.


  • Henry Lorne TEMBLE (6) B. 2nd April 1882 in the village of Arthur, Ontario. He married Bessie May MITCHELL (1886) on the 29 June 1906 in York ON.


  • Clifford Earlby Horseman COO (6) B. 28th February 1897 in Toronto, Canada


iii.   James Beck McCUTCHEON (5) (Robert McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born in 1859 in Arthur, ON. and he died at the very young age of 26 years of consumption on the 9th December 1885.  He was buried at Shelburne Cemetery.  He married Margaret STINSON (1868-1936) on the 19th April 1883.  Her parents were James Stinson and Mary Shananan. After James died, Margaret remarried to Andrew FEAD and they produced two ½ siblings who are not mentioned here.  James was a barber by trade.


  • Myrtle Abigail McCUTCHEON (6) B. 17th November 1883 Arthur, ON.  D. 12th June 1886 in Rockwood, ON.
  • Emma Beck McCUTCHEON (6) B. 1885 Arthur, ON. D. 21st March 1886 in Shelburne, ON.

Shelburne Cemetery, Shelburne, Dufferin Co., Ontario
Bethel, pg. 29
James B. McCutcheon
d: January 9, 1886 aged 26 yr. 6 mo.
Emma Beck daughter of B & M McCutcheon
d: March 21, 1886 aged 6 mo. 13 days


iv.    William John McCUTCHEON (5) (Robert McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was the fourth child born to Robert and Abigail in April 1854 in Arthur Township, Wellington County, ON and he died on the 6th of March 1902 of Tubercular Phthisis (tuberculosis) in Detroit Wayne, MI.  He married Hannah Sophia YEAGER (1864-1946) on the 7th April 1882 in Rogers Village, Presque Isle County, MI. Her parents were Christian Yeager and Christiana Hammel.

      Picture came from the family photo album of Nadine McCutcheon his great-grand-daughter:

Back L-R: Hannah, Kate, William.

Front L-R: William, Abby, Fred

NOTE:  According to census records, William immigrated to the USA around 1873 when he was 19 years old. At the time of his death, William was living in Presque Isle.  He became ill with Tuberculosis and went to Detroit for medical treatment which is where he died and was buried at Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit. His GG Grand-daughter relates, according to family folklore “he left so he wouldn’t hurt his family”.  In 1900, he was a farmer.  The 1900 US Federal census states that his mother was “born at sea”.  The surname “McCutcheon” ended with this family.


  • Frederick Oscar McCUTCHEON (6) B. 11th June 1884 in Rogers Village, Presque Isle, MI. D. 10 October 1972 in Rogers City, Presque Isle, MI. He married Marie Amelia Rosalie SCHALK (1894-1980) on the 6th October 1914 in Belknap, Michigan. Their children: Elmer Carl (1915-2004) Elmer married but remained childless; Robert Frederick (1926-1999). Robert married and had 3 daughters.
  • William H McCUTCHEON (6) B. 30th June 1886 in Rogers Village, Presque Isle, MI. D. 23rd February October 1903. He was buried in Rogers Village, Presque Isle, MI. in Rogers Village, Presque Isle, MI.
  • Abigail Cecelia McCUTCHEON (6) B. in December 1889 in Rogers Village, Presque Isle, MI. Time of her death is not known.  She married Elmer L G RICE circa 1920. Their child: Wayne G Rice (1921-?). Elmer Rice was an attorney.
  • Kathryn M McCUTCHEON (6) B. 12th June 1892 in Rogers Village, Presque Isle, MI. D. 6th August 1974 in in Rogers City, Presque Isle, MI. She married Clarence Henry PLATZ (1891-1957) on the 12th November 1918.  Their child: Audrey Claire Platz (1925-2009).
  • Edna F McCUTCHEON (6) B. on the 4th July 1898 in in Rogers Village, Presque Isle, MI. D. 7th May 1971 in Seal Beach, Orange County, CA. She married George Chester WING (1888-1972). Their child: George C wing (1926).

AGNES McCUTCHEON (1872-1953) 

v.    Agnes McCUTCHEON (5) (Robert McCutcheon-4; Robert McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 7th March 1872 in Arthur, ON. and she died on the 7th March 1953 n Elora, ON.  She was buried at the Elora Cemetery.  She married Samuel John HAMMILL (1871-?) on the 4th October 1893 in the village of Arthur, Ontario.  His parents were Thomas Hammill and Mary Strachan.


  • Wilmer G HAMMILL (6) B.  5th July 1894 in the Village of Arthur, ON. and he died at the age of 8 years of Scarletina on the 9th March 1903.
  • John Milton HAMMILL (6) B. 16th March 1897 in Peel Township, Wellington County, ON.  He married Effie COOPER on the 7th April 1920.
  • Mary Abigail HAMMILL (6) B. 12th June 1898 in Peel Township, Wellington County, ON. and she died on the 9th March 1916 in Welland, Ontario at the age of 17 years.  Physician’s return of death states that Mary was an invalid.
  • Margaret HAMMILL (6) B. 14th January 1911 in Peel Township, Wellington County, ON.

5 thoughts on “C: Robert Senior (1825-1881)

  1. Nadine McCutcheon says:

    I think your information on Robert Senior’s oldest son, William John McCutcheon is wrong. William John McCutcheon was my great-grandfather and I have a copy of his death certificate showing he died March 6th, 1902 in Detroit. It lists his parents as Robert McCutcheon and Abigail Hughes with the information given by H.H. McCutcheon (I assume it was Hought Henry.

  2. Lauren Langton says:

    Hello. My grandmother was the daughter of Austin Allen, son of Robert Potter. She was born in 1914. She was also the middle child so I do believe the birth years of her brothers are incorrect also.
    She passed away in 2013. She married Charles Langton of Newport MI.

  3. Michael P. Mahoney says:

    Hello. My grandfather was Allen McCutcheon, the oldest child of Austin Allen McCutcheon. His information is correct. His wife was Margaret Geoghegan and they had five children: Ann Gail McCutcheon (my mother), Irene McCutcheon, Christine McCutcheon, Mary McCutcheon, and Robert (Bob) McCutcheon. Is there any new information that can confirm that the Austin Allen McCutcheon who was my great grandfather is the Austin Allen who died in Pennsylvania? Agnes Traeder, Austin’s wife and my great grandmother, died in the flu pandemic of 1918 and Austin Allen disappeared shortly afterwards in 1919.

  4. Michael P. Mahoney says:

    I stand corrected. My grandfather’s birth date is off by a few days. Allen Robert McCutcheon’s birth date in my family tree is 19 Feb 1913 (not 15 Feb 1913). Death date is correct.

  5. Obituary: Melvin Thomas McCutcheon, son of Austin Allen & Agnes (Treader) McCutcheon

    Longtime Roscommon resident and former Higgins Township Supervisor Assessor Melvin Thomas McCutcheon died Jan. 20, 2015, at Eaton Community Palliative Care in Charlotte at the age of 99.

    Visitation will be at Walsh Funeral Home in Roscommon from 4 to 8 p.m. on Jan. 23 and Jan. 24 at St. Michael Catholic Church from 10 a.m. until Mass at 11 a.m. with Fr. Larry Sergott officiating. Burial will follow at Gerrish Township Cemetery.

    He was born Jan. 12, 1916 in Cleburne, TX, the third child of Austin and Agnes (Traeder) McCutcheon. The family was centered in Detroit and had been in Texas for a short while. Near the end of World War I, his mother succumbed to the flu epidemic and his father died shortly thereafter. His childhood was spent in orphanages, spending considerable time at the St. Francis Orphanage for Boys, and with various distant family members in Mt. Clemens, Ypsilanti and Detroit.

    As a young boy he sold newspapers and worked for Western Union. Later he worked at a grocery store, drove delivery trucks, worked for Great Lakes Steel and at Willow Run during World War II on B24 contracts. He and the former Betty Richardson were united in marriage Aug. 3, 1940 at St. Michael Catholic Church in Roscommon. He enlisted in the Army and served in Wiesbaden, Germany as financial chief clerk. Upon discharge in 1946, he came to Roscommon where with his wife he started his grocery business, Mel’s Food Market, which he operated for 17 years. He purchased an insurance/ real estate business from Frank Kelley in 1963 and operated the business with his sons until his retirement.

    He served the community as supervisor assessor of Higgins Township, and therefore on the Roscommon County Board of Commissioners, for 20 years. He was involved in obtaining the pension program for county employees and also for keeping the county building in Roscommon in the 1950s.

    Preceding him in death were his wife of 62 years, Betty in 2002; daughter, Joanie Adams and siblings, Allen Mc- Cutcheon and Irene Langton.

    Surviving are his sons, Thomas (Jody) McCutcheon of Roscommon and Jerry (Sally) McCutcheon of Phoenix, AZ; daughter, Janet McBeath of Lansing; son-in-law, Terry Adams of Lansing; 11 grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren and one great-great-granddaughter.

    The family requests that memorials be directed to the Roscommon Area Historical Society.

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