B: Ann E (1827-1883)

B:       Ann E McCUTCHEON (4) (Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born near Montreal Quebec on the 2nd June 1827 and she died on the 1st March 1883 in Erin Township, Wellington, ON.  Ann married Robert Dee Little on the 7th June 1849 in Erin Township.  This family had a set of twins, born 3 April 1860, the boy of whom died at birth.  Robert’s parents were Moses Little and Jane Wildridge.  He was born on the 2nd January 1826 in Queenstown, Ontario and he died on the 3rd September 1870 in Garafraxa, Wellington, ON.   ‡‡

A Tale of Two Sisters

On the 1867 Census for Garafraxa Township, Robert Dee Little was listed as a resident of Lot 12, Concession 12.  They were still living on the farm.  However, sometime after 1867, Robert Little purchased a Hotel-Tavern in Garafraxa, Wellington Center. The 1871 Census states:  1.  Hotel (Ann’s Hotel);  2.  Physician;  3.  Blacksmith Shop;  4.  Store.

This Hotel-Tavern was located about 20 miles from the Fielding Hotel in Ospringe, owned by her sister Margaret.

The 19th century traveller making the long slow and grinding journey from Quebec and eastern Ontario did so on rough rutted trails through the Ontario wilderness.  Along those rough roads the first dwellings that sprung up was the hotel-tavern.  Every five miles or so, these taverns offered a refreshment stop for man and beast alike.  These hotel-taverns opened their doors long before the post-offices, churches, schools and other such public buildings.

Oxen or horses could be fed, watered and stabled whilst the weary, traveller found home cooking and a brew to warm their innards.  If necessary, for 25 cents, a place to spend the night with all he could eat and bed for his animal; albeit the traveller may have had to share his bed with others.  In the counties of Bruce and Grey alone, there were over 200 of these traveller’s rest-inns.

Some of the names of these early inns were;  Bab Ryan’s Roadhouse; The Rising Sun; Starvation’s Corner’s Wayhouse; Rockford Castle; Grannie Green’s –  to name only a few.

And so it was one of these hotel-taverns that Robert and Ann eventually came to own.  The name of their tavern has been lost to antiquity.

In the early days the tavern was used for many purposes:  church gatherings; land auctions; local meetings; and all the while the never-ending supply of cheap bootleg Canadian Whiskey.  Pails of whiskey were plentiful; 5¢ could buy a “grunt” – take a breath, put the bottle in your mouth and swallow as much as possible in one large gulp.  The mass consumption of liquor often led to brawls that required the attendance of both doctor and sheriff.  The consumption of alcohol in the early days became the topic of legends.

Who were these hotel-tavern operators?  They were local characters, congenial and hospitable, the host-of-the-road kind of people.  Entertainment of their guests kept them busy.  Besides drinking, gambling was often part of the entertainment package that came along with the Inn.  Robert was one of these hosts; Ann (and Margaret) took care of the home cooking.

Robert Dee Little did not survive long as a hotel keeper.  He died within 3-4 years of purchasing his Hotel-Tavern-Inn.

On Robert’s death certificate, his profession was listed as “Hotel Keeper”.  Cause of death his son informed the Physician, was the consumption of too much liquor within a two week period.

Ann’s death certificate states that she died of Asthma which she suffered from for 15 years.  She was buried at Erin Union Cemetery.

Ann’s sister Margaret also owned one of these Hotel-Taverns in Ospringe, called the Fielding Hotel, 1861 – 1871 selling it circa 1875.

Two of their sons moved to Manitoba.  Their eldest son, Lemuel, applied for a land grant and received two 1/4 sections.  One of them, SE 1/4 9-19-14 W1 (see attached grant) was located diagonally across the road from HR about 2 miles east of the small town of Kelwood, MB. The other one, NE 1/4 29-11-10 W1, was located closer to Andy McCutcheon.  It is not known if he knew that his uncle and his first cousin were living near-by.  Their other son, Albert also moved to Manitoba and became a grain buyer at Morden Manitoba, 1901.

One girl, Mary, stayed near Erin and died of typhoid fever at the age of 62.  The other 3 daughters immigrated to the USA, settling in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.

‡‡  This family had one set of Twins.


  • Lemuel LITTLE (5).                                               See # i following.
  • Mary LITTLE (5) (Ann McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 22nd October 1851 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. and she died on the 1st April 1914 of Typhoid Fever in the village of Erin.  She married Frank McMILLIAN on the 24th December 1880.  His parents were John McMillian and Mary McKechnie.  Frank’s parents were buried at the “McMillian Family Cemetery” in Erin village.  Whether Frank and Mary were buried also there is not known.  Frank and Mary were childless.
  • Albert E LITTLE (5).                               See # ii following.
  • Ellen LITTLE (5).                                     See # iii following.
  • Rachel Anna (Twin) LITTLE (5).         See # iv following.
  • Robert Dee (Twin) LITTLE (5) was born on 3rd April 1860 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. and he died 8 days later on the 11th April 1860.
  • Margaret LITTLE (5) (Ann McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 14th February 1861 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.  She married her first cousin, Thomas Fielding circa 1880.  She possibly died during or after childbirth. ♣♣
  • Elizabeth LITTLE (5) was born on the 7th May 1862 in Garafraxa, Wellington County, ON. and she died on the 31st May 1941 in Detroit, MI.
  • Stewart LITTLE (5) was born on the 22nd September 1866 and he died at the age of 1 year in Garafraxa, Wellington, ON.

♣♣        Cousin married cousins.  In this instance, Margaret married her first cousin Thomas Fielding.  Ann and Margaret McCutcheon, their mothers respectively, were sisters.

LEMUEL LITTLE (1849-1941) 

i.   Lemuel (Samuel) LITTLE (5) (Ann McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 28th October 1846 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON and he died on the 24th March 1941 in Brandon, MB.  He married Margaret ROBSON (30th August 1853 -1920) on the 30th March 1875.  Her parents were George Robson and Rachael Ivery.    ► ☺☺


  • Rachael LITTLE (6) B. 19th October 1876 in Arthur Township, Wellington County, ON.
  • George Robson LITTLE (6) B. 1878 in Arthur Township, Wellington County, ON. ►
  • Albertha LITTLE (6) B. 28th July 1883 in Arthur Township, Wellington County, ON.
  • Grace LITTLE (6) B. 1st August 1886 in Arthur Township, Wellington County, ON.
  • Ross Gerland LITTLE (6) B. 7th September 1893 in Garafraxa Township, ON. ►
  • Myrtle LITTLE (6) B.  September 1895 in Garafraxa Township, Wellington County, ON.

Figure 1 Land Grant

The 2nd land grant (11-10-WPM) was located 2 townships away near to Jane McCutcheon, HR’s daughter.

The 3rd land grant (19-14-WPM) was located diagonally across the road from HR McCutcheon’s homestead east of Kelwood, MB (Glensmith).



This is the Letters Patent that Margaret received for a farm located in Township 26; Range 28; WPM, located NW of Dauphin Manitoaba.  It stated that she was the wife of Lemuel Little.  The date: 14th February 1906.

☺☺     Lived to be a Nonagenarian or more.

Homestead – Land Grants and/or Letters Patents were applied for.  In total, this family applied for 6 land grants, including Margaret Robson.  Margaret was the only one who received title to the land.

ALBERT E LITTLE (1851-1933) 

ii.   Albert E LITTLE (5) (Ann McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 12th September 1851 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. and he died on the 14th May 1933 in Saskatoon, SK.  He married Isabella MOORE (1859-1944) on the 25th April 1882 in Portage La Prairie, MB.  Her parents were William Moore and Jane Argue.  ► ♣♣

NOTE:   Albert and three of his sons applied for the land grants to an entire section of land, Section 14, in the Township 25, Range 21, West of the 2nd meridian about 1910 near Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

When this family lived in Morden, Manitoba Albert was listed as a “grain buyer”.  Once they moved west to Humboldt, in the 1916 census he was still listed as “grain buyer”.




  • William Dee LITTLE (6) B.  11th March 1883 in High Bluff, MB. D. 27th December 1979 in Detroit, MI.   William became a naturalized US citizen by 1917 about the same time he was drafted into the US military.  His occupation for many years was a locomotive engineer.  He married Elizabeth BAWDEN (1885) on the 6th February 1911. Their children: Albert (1913); Gertrude Elizabeth (1914).
  • Albert Garfield LITTLE (6) B. 4th April 1884 RM of Portage la Prairie, MB.  D. 1964 in Grande Prairie, AB. He married Hazel Bella CAMERON (1898) on the 25th August 1917.  They are both buried at the Grande Prairie Municipal Cemetery. Her parents were John and Anna-bella Cameron.Their children:  Gordon G (1916); Lawrence Garfield (1925-1986).   ►
  • Lawrence H LITTLE (6) B. 9thJuly 1886 in Morden, MB. He married Abigail Margaret Alexandra ASHLEY (1886) on the 17th April 1912. Her parents were John Buffin Ashley and Martha Sophia Winkler. They had 3 known children: Adele M (1915); Jack E (1917); Ashley L (1920). Lawrence was a grain buyer.
  • Annabelle LITTLE (6) B. 13th September 1888 in Morden, MB. D. on the 7th April 1899 at the age of 10 years.
  • Ella Louella LITTLE (6) B. 8th August 1890 in Morden, MB. D. 26th March 1979. She married Albert George THOMPSON (1888-1960) about 1913. They are buried at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Saskatoon, SK. His parents were George Ferguson Thompson and Mary Jane Welsh. Ella and Albert had 3 children; Thomas; George Clifton (1913-2008); William Garfield (1915-1967 in France).
  • Frank Clifton LITTLE (6) B. 24th February 1893 in Morden, MB.  D. 12th November 1961 in Regina, SK.  He married Mildred McVicar HACKNEY (1902-1992) on the 15th October 1924.  Her parents were James Millar Hackney and Sarah Ann McVicar. Their children:  Shirley Anne (1926-2006); Jerry Dee (1930-1998); Annabel Mildred (1937-2006).  When he enlisted in 1915 in Saskatoon, he gave his profession as “Law Student”.  ►
  • Florence Tut LITTLE (6) B.  March 1898 in Morden, MB.  She married Stanley RAMSAY on the 15th October 1924.  They had 3 known children.

Homestead – Land Grants and/or Letters Patents were applied for.

♣♣          Cousin married cousin. Isabella Moore and William Wellington Moore were brother and sister.  William Moore married Albert’s second cousin, Ethel May Ogilvie, daughter of Ellen McCutcheon from Chapter 9, section F.

ELLEN LITTLE (1856-1944)

iii.   Ellen LITTLE (5) (Ann McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 19th June 1856 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. and she died on the 9th December 1944 in Detroit, MI.  She married Nathaniel R SMITH on the 6th March 1883 in Garafraxa, ON.  His parents were Thompson Smith and Harriett Wardell.


  • Clarence L SMITH (6) B. 3rd November 1884 in Orion, Oakland, Michigan. D. 9th June 1913 in Detroit, MI. He married Alice Marsh (1884-1919) on the 18th November 1909 in Ohio. At the time of their marriage, Clarence was a ‘Salesman’ and Alice was an ‘Actress’. They were childless. He is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland County, MI.
  • Clara Belle SMITH (6) B. 5th March 1891 in Sanilac County, Michigan.  D. 30th May 1924 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. She was married twice: First to Lessiter James NOTT (1885-1969) on the 10th November 1909 in Oakland County, MI. They divorced on the 22nd November 1915. They had one child: Helen Marie NOTT (1911-1992). She married John E KENNEY Junior (1891-?) on the 25th October 1919 in Detroit, MI.

NOTEMathew Smith and his younger brother Nathaniel Smith each married grand-daughters of the McCutcheons. Mathew Smith married Mary Ann McCutcheon, grand-daughter of William McCutcheon (1795-1862). His brother Nathaniel married Ellen Little, grand-daughter of Hugh McCutcheon (1795-1861).

Rachel Anna Little (1860-1939):

iv.     Rachel Anna (Twin) LITTLE (5). (Ann McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on 3rd April 1860 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. And she died on the 26th April 1939 in Detroit, MI. She married Francis W (Frank) Hammond (1865-1922) on the 10th November 1891 in Orion, Oakland, MI. His parents were Oren Baldwin Hammond and Mary Prout.

~Children of Rachel Anna Little and Frank Hammond~

  • Mildred L Hammond (6). B. August 1896 in Detroit, MI. She married Frank Lawrence Wirth (1892-1974) on the 28th February 1920 in Detroit. His parents were Edward Wirth and Marie Selina Hessic. Their children: Richard Douglas (1922-1995); Robert Hammond (1923-1938). Robert died of leukemia at the age of 14.
  • Helen M Hammond (6). B. August 1898 in Detroit, MI. She married Doctor William Torrence McAlonan II (1891) on the 5th May 1917 in Detroit. His parents were William McAlonan I and Elizabeth Caldwell McFetridge. Their children: William Frank III (1918-2007); Donald Hammond (1923-1987); Douglas Blair (1925-1926).


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Public domain: Copyright has expired according to Canadian law. No restrictions on use.

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