C: Ellen (1828-1913)

C:        Ellen McCUTCHEON (4) (Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) Their second daughter Ellen was born in Montreal on the 28th March 1828 and died on the 17th  March 1913 at the age of 84 in Erin.  She was buried at the Coningsby Cemetery. On the 16th March 1847, she married Henry Allan Smith.   Henry was born on the 31st December 1824 in Erin and he died on the 21st April 1890.  His parents were Matthew Smith and Nancy Rott.  ♥

NOTE:      All of the pictures of this family came from the Family Album of Carolyn Smith – grand-daughter of Alexander Edgar Smith, great-great-grand daughter of Ellen McCutcheon.   Pictured below are 2 pages from the family bible of Ellen McCutcheon.



In a page from Ellen’s family bible, she lists her birthdate date as 28thMarch 1828.  Ellen does not mention where she or her husband, Henry Allan Smith, were born.   However, on her daughter’s death certificate, it states that Ellen was born in Quebec and Henry was born in Ontario. From a letter dated 193866, Ellen place of birth is established as: “Hugh and Mary McCutcheon came as far as Montreal where their daughter Ann was born; Thomas and Ellen were born in Cobourg….”

Henry and Ellen married in March 1847 and lived on 100 acres next to the 6th line. In a hand-written note found in their great-great granddaughter’s (Carolyn Smith) collection, it states:  “Their first house was of logs and was built in the very South corner of the lot, close to an excellent spring.  A creek still flows through thefarm.  Later they built a brick house near the 6th line.”  In the Canadian county atlas dated 1877, H. Smith was registered as owning:  Concession 7, Lots 10 and 11, Concession 6, Lot 10.   His brother, Matthew Thompson Smith, was also registered as an owner on Concession 6, Lot 10.

In 1890 Henry Allan Smith was gored by a “quiet” bull according to his funeral announcement and died as a result of those injuries.

Ellen’s address on her death certificate says Concession 7, Lot 10, Erin Township. Ellen died of Uremic poisoning.  She went into a coma one day before she died at the age of 84 years.  Ellen was living alone, in the new brick house built by her and Henry.


♥          Siblings married siblings.  In this case brother and sister Thomas Asa and Ellen McCutcheon married Sarah Mary and Henry Allan Smith.


  • Meary SMITH (5). Was born on the 1st February and died 7 days later on the 8th February 1848.
  • Nancy Ann SMITH (5).                                 See i following.
  • Hugh Robert SMITH (5).                              See ii following.

NANCY ANN SMITH (1848-1934) 

i.   Nancy Ann SMITH (5) (Ellen McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 29th December 1848 in Erin Township, Wellington County, Ontario and she died on the 26th March 1934.   She was buried at the Erin Cemetery.  Nancy was married twice.  First to Daniel McLellan on the 13thJune 1871 in Erin.  He was born in 1845 and died in 1872. His parents were Dugald McLellan and Anne Campbell.

NOTE:   In the picture of Nancy Smith following, it is interesting to note the bell-shape of her gown.  This dress that she was wearing was not an everyday dress.  In all likelihood, this was her wedding dress for her second marriage to John Dalton Leitch.

Note the wideness of the gown indicating the presence of a very wide crinoline underneath her gown.  She was very fashionable. This picture was taken in the same studio as the picture of her mother, Ellen, at the end of this narrative, perhaps on the same date.

Nancy died of Carcinoma of the Rectum.



  • Daniel McLELLAN (6).  B. 10th May 1872.  D. 8th October 1920 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.  He married Marie McDONALD (1876) on the 10thAugust 1898.  Her parents were John McDonald and Helen McNaughton.  He was buried at the Erin Cemetery on the 11th October 1920.  He died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. No children have been found for Daniel and Marie.

Secondly, she married John Dalton LEITCH (1854-1924) circa 1881.  His parents were Archibald Leitch and Jane Puterbaugh.

NOTE:   Between 1900 and 1911 John Leitch was a Station Agent for Canadian Pacific Railway.


  • Ethel Helen LEITCH (6) B. 2nd April 1882 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. and she died on the 17th February 1928 in Vancouver, BC.  She married Frederick Robert MORRISION (1879-1927) on the 12th June 1912 in Vancouver, BC.

NOTE:   Ethel and Frederick had two children, both whom were born deaf.  Eleanor Mary MORRISION was born on the 25th May 1915 in Vancouver.  Her brother Jack Frederick MORRISION was also born in Vancouver circa 1913.

On the 15th August 1927 their father, Fred, died in a drowning accident.  Ethel became very despondent and she committed suicide 6 months later, on the 17th February 1928.

After their mother committed suicide, both children went to live with their uncle, Samuel in Vancouver.  They both later attended the Belleville School for the deaf in Ontario.

  • Marcella May LEITCH (6) B. 13th October 1884 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.  D. 1968.  Marcella married twice.  Her first husband was Samuel Warren BERRY (1874-1937) whom she married on the 23rdApril 1908.  Her second husband was Duncan E FOSTER (1884-1962). No children have been located for Marcella Leitch.
  • Gertrude Blanche LEITCH (6) B. 1st October 1886 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.  She married Charles HOWITT (1886-1961) on the 4th May 1912 in Toronto.  Their children were:  K. M. (1913); Mary Ruth (1927-2009).


Pictured:  Back row – left to right:  Ellen McDonald (wife of Hugh Robert Smith); Daniel McLellan (only son of Nancy Smith); Nancy Smith.

Front row – left to right: Ethel Helen Leitch; Ellen McCutcheon; Marcella May Leitch.

Picture appears to have been taken circa 1888 in Erin Township, Wellington County, Ontario.

Ellen McCutcheon, surrounded by her grand-children, would have been about 60 years old in the picture.  Her hair has almost no gray yet.

Showing the female family members attired in their Sunday best, this “3 generation” picture is one of the most historic pictures that has emerged in the McCutcheon collection so far.  All three ladies are dressed in the layered fashion of the Victorian Age.

All clothing was hand-made. Women did not just throw on a dress over undergarments.  First the lady had to don stockings, which were held up by garters attached to a corset. The corset made their waist smaller by as much as 4 inches (which is evidenced in the picture) and raised their cleavage, which the lady was apt to display when she dressed in her evening gown.   Then cotton drawers, which consisted of two overlapping flaps, one for each leg – went over this apparatus.  Lastly a sleeveless knee-length chemise  completed the undergarments.

In the earlier years, ladies donned 5 or 6 petticoats, in order to create the bouffant look for their dresses.  Towards the end of the Victorian era with the invention of the crinoline which was a flexible cage of steel hoops, ladies no longer had to endure so many layers of petticoats.  Some crinolines were 18 feet in circumference at the hem thereby creating the fashionable bell-shape look of the dress so desirable of the era.

Next, the ladies donned a Camisole to protect their dresses from perspiration.  A light petticoat went over the crinoline to protect the dress from the steel hoops of the crinoline.  As styles changed, the crinoline competed with the bustle sometime around 1870 for a fashionable look.

And finally, the dress for daytime wear or the gown for evening wear topped the creation.

A final picture of a much younger version of Ellen McCutcheon in a studio holding a bible. This appears to be the same studio as depicted in the above picture of her daughter, Nancy. The hoops from her crinoline are visibly present.  Her hair was braided, which appeared in all five of the known pictures we have of Ellen.   Date of picture is unknown.

A very prim and proper Victorian Lady.


ii.   Hugh Robert SMITH (5) (Ellen McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 23rd May 1851 and he died on the 31st January 1932 in in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. at the age of 80 years.  He was buried at Coningsby Cemetery.  He married Ellen McDONALD (1849-1925) on the 8th December 1875 in Peel Township.  Her parents were Alexander McDonald and Elizabeth Forgie.


L to R – Ellen McDonald Smith, Henry (Clarence) Smith, Ella Elizabeth Smith, Hugh Robert Smith, Alexander Edgar Smith, Elsie Cecelia May Smith. 


HUGH ROBERT SMITH a descendant of United Empire Loyalists, and son of the late Henry Smith, a lifelong resident of Erin Township passed away on the 31st January 1932 in the person of Hugh Robert Smith, in his 81st year at the home of his son-in-law, Morgan Edward Graham. Deceased had been in failing health for about six years. His wife predeceased him six years ago. He is survived by two daughters and two sons: Ella Elizabeth (Mrs. William Akitt) of Alton; Henry Clarence of Montreal, Quebec; Alexander Edgar of Scotsguard, SK; Elsie, (Mrs. Morgan Edward Graham) of Hillsburg; also one sister Mrs. John Dalton Leitch of Toronto; twenty grandchildren and three great grandchildren. The funeral took place on the 2nd February, from the residence of Morgan Edward Graham to Coningsby Church, when Rev. H.J. Richardson conducted the obsequies in the presence of many relatives and friends. Interment at Coningsby Cemetery.   The pallbearers were Messrs.’ Bert and Edwin Akitt, Robert McCutcheon, William McArthur, Arthur Griffin, and Herbert Keeler. His son Henry Clarence Smith of Montreal was among those from a distance who attended the funeral.


  • Ellen Elizabeth SMITH (6) B.  8th August 1877 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.  D. 22nd March 1971.  She married William Raisley AKITT (1874-1932) on the 3rd July 1901 in Wellington.  Their children were: Lila Jean; Margaret Violetta (1902-1989); Robert Alexander (1903); Ellen May (1906-1960); William Edwin (1908-1955); Elsie Muriel (1910 – 2003). ☺☺

Ellen Elizabeth Smith and William Raisley Akitt on their wedding day – 1901.

  • Henry Clarence SMITH (6) B.  15th August 1881 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.  D. 4th June 1967 at age 85 years.  He married twice.  His first wife was Sadie May DRYSDALE (1884-1913), married on the 11th May 1910.   Sadie  died in childbirth, along with the baby.  Their child was Robert Emerson Smith born on the 24th March 1911. His second wife was Sarah Phyllis JOHNS; married on the 23rd August 1916.  Their two children were:  Hazel (1916-1986); William Clarence (1918).

NOTE;  William Clarence Smith (1918) and his wife are the parents of Larry (Lawrence) Smith who was appointed to the Canadian Senate by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2010.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Smith_(Canadian_politician)


  Henry Clarence Smith and Sadie May Drysdale on their wedding day – 1910. 

  • Alexander Edgar SMITH (6) B. 26th May 1884 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.  D. 3rd March 1968 at age 83 years in Vancouver, BC.  He married Margaret Ann FINES (1888-1973) on the 21st June 1914 in Wellington.  Their children were; Elsie Marguerite (1916-1994); Wilbert Douglas (1919-1992); Mildred Helen (1922-1924); Edsel Donald (1927-2002).

Alexander Edgar Smith and Margaret Ann Fines on their wedding day – 1914.

  • Elsie Cecilia May SMITH (6) B. 27th May 1893 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.  D. 7th May 1975 at the age of 82 years.  She married Morgan Edward GRAHAM (1894-1981) on the 17th October 1917 in Wellington.  Their children were:  John Edward (1920-1975); Elsie Eleanor.

☺☺  Lived to be a Nonagenarian or more.


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  1. Laurie Lotz McNaughton says:

    I am looking for more information on Helen McNaughton who is listed here as wife of John McDonald and mother of Marie McDonald who married Daniel McLellan (1872 -1920). My McNaughton family emigrated from Scotland to Caledon township in 1820 with their 6 young children. It’s possible that Helen may be a descendant of my McNaughtons.

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