H: Jane Matilda (1841-1917)

H:        Jane Matilda McCUTCHEON (4) (Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 10th October 1841 in Erin Township and she died of cancer on the 17th  November 1917 in Toronto, ON at the age of 76.  She married Richard Lawrence Hamilton on the 24th January 1861.  ♥


Pictured is: Richard Hamilton, Jane Matilda McCutcheon and Mary Ellen “Ellie”
Hamilton.  Picture from the family photo album of Carolyn Smith.


  • Mary Ellen Hamilton (5).    See i following.

McCUTCHEON, Jane Matilda (daughter of Hugh McCutcheon and Mary Stuart) married Richard Hamilton on the 15th June 1861 in Georgetown; at the Congregational Church (Brother Stewart also got married in this church).

Jane Matilda McCutcheon had a speech impediment and called her husband “Witchard” much to his enduring delight.  In the fancy grocery store on Main Street, the Village of Erin, Jane sold mincemeat which she had made in barrels.  When there was a wedding in the village, Jane would be called on to decorate the wedding cake.  Also, Jane liked to paint pictures on plates, said granddaughter, Ruby Walker.

Erin Advocate, Ontario November 22, 1911.  Mrs. R. Hamilton is visiting her granddaughter, Mrs. J. Felker, Toronto. [ie. Jennie Walker].

JANE MATILDA HAMILTON ESTATE FILE WELINGTON #8251, RG 2 1917 November 17:  Petition of Ella Hamilton Walker:  City of West Toronto, York County, Widow.  Jane M. Hamilton of the village of Erin, Wellington County left $1,000.00 in Real Estate, signed Ella M. Walker.

Will dated 1 November 1910, Died “I devise and bequeath the sum to my daughter Ella Walker and for her and assign excepting the sum of four hundred dollars which I bequeath to my granddaughter Jennie Felker —— Residue to my said daughter.”  Executrix is my daughter Ella Walker.  Signed Jane M. Hamilton.  Witnesses:  Janette McDowell, Erin; William McDowell; Arch H. MacDonald, Solicitor.

Real Estate Description:  1/17 of an acre, being part of Easterly half of lot # 14, 9th Concession of Erin, described by metes and Bounds in a Conveyance dated 1 May, 1891, from Charles Staples, of Golden Colorado and his wife to the said Jane Matilda Hamilton.

Jane is buried at the Erin Union Cemetery, Row 20, Plot 14.


1836 – 1903. Wellington County

The fine brick residence of Mr. James H. Reed, at the corner of Mill and River Streets, occupied part of the site of John Holts’ old woollen mill.  It was built by Richard Hamilton, one of the best carpenters Acton ever had.  He built it for his own residence about 70 years ago (1869).  He previously built the residence on Fairview Avenue, near Fairview Cemetery.  After living there for a short time, he sold that house to David Williamson, who lived there from shortly after his marriage until he went over to the Malcolm McPherson farm in Nottawasaga.  Richard Hamilton lived in the brick house a good many years.

His expert carpenter work won for him a reputation and he was employed for many years at the tanneries, building vats and leaches.  The late George Beadmore, grandfather of Mr. Torrance Beadmore, thought no one in the community could put in vats equal to Richard Hamilton.  Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton’s only daughter (only child in fact) married Mr. Charles Henry Walker, manufacturer, of Erin Village, and the family sold out their interests in Acton and moved to Erin.

Mr. Hamilton went into the grocery business there and continued until his death [in 1903].  Mr. Josiah Royce, of Erin, purchased the property and lived there a number of years, when he passed away.  His daughter, Mrs. Orr resided there for a time.  When Mr. James H. Reed retired from farming and decided to settle in Acton, he bought this place and it has been his home for quite a number of years.

Crossing River Street, which was opened when Acton Plough Company’s works were built, we come to the Acton Creek.  The source of this splendid stream is the spring on the third line, a little over a mile to the north, where it comes from the rock.  The creek flows through the Near property, supplying the trout ponds and hatchery…across Main Street into Fairy Lake which covers 88 acres.  Many a trout have I caught in the bed of the creek when it meandered among the willows.  Many a dozen speckled beauties have I seen caught in the big mill pond from flat-bottomed boats or long rafts.

ESTATE FILE:  Richard Hamilton died 4 February 1909.  Application of Jane Matilda Hamilton, widow, of Erin, Wellington County, Real and Personal, valued at $3,050.00.  PROPERTY $1,800.00.  SECURITIES A.O.W.W. 150.  FARMING IMPLEMENTS 300.  STOCK-IN-TRADE 300.  #3,505.00

WILL of Richard Hamilton of Village of Erin: County of Wellington, Merchant, all in favour of Jane Matilda Hamilton and thence of any surviving children.  The property #13 East side of Main Street, Erin. W 1/2 Lot 15, Concession 10, Erin Township.  According to a Plan of Survey made by Charles J. Wheelock, Esq., filed at Guelph.  SIGNED:  Richard Hamilton.  WITNESS:  Humphrey Mathews. Erin, harness maker:  William M. Dowell, Barrister At Law.

ACTON VILLAGE:  Instrument 355C Mortgage 28 March 1856.  Registered 4 May 1856 Richard Hamilton.  #54F Quit Claim 25 November 1863.  Registered 11 November 1864 Richard Hamilton.  (Investment Group Glass Factory; subdivided lot).  The next lot is the Halton Disciples of Christ Church, South of Mill Street.  (Document too faint to know for sure who was the grantor/grantee.  There was much land speculation in Acton and consequently continual land partitioning by the Glass Factory Group.  P. J. Ahlberg.)

ACTON VILLAGE: Abstract Book L2 Block 14.  Instrument 355 Mortgage 2 and 1856.  Registered 4 May 1855.  Grantee:  Richard Hamilton.  #54.  Quit claim 25 November 1863.  Registered 11 November 1864.  Richard Hamilton.

ACTON VILLAGE:  Copy Book Volume 11, 8 October 1874.  (i.e. duplicate copy)  Richard Hamilton, Carpenter of Acton.  Grantor William Stephenson Registration $50 W 1/2 Lot 28, Concession 3, Township of Esquesing, is now a part of Village of Acton, Original grant from Crown, too faint… Part of first part and part of second…

Richard Hamilton died on the 4th February 1903 of a cerebral haemorrhage after a few hours.  He is buried at the Erin Union Cemetery, Row 20 Plot 14, along with his wife, Jane, and granddaughter, Henrietta Walker.  He was one of the first Reeves and Clerks of Erin.  He also belonged to the Orange Lodge in Erin.

 ♥          Siblings married Siblings:  Brother and sister (John and Jane McCutcheon) married brother and sister (Richard and Hadassah Hamilton).


i.     Mary Ellen Hamilton (5) (Jane McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 27th of July 1864 in Acton, ON and she died on the 28th December 1944 in Toronto, ON.  She married Charles Henry WALKER (6th March 1857 – 24th June 1908) on the 15th October 1881 in Halton, ON.  They were buried at the Erin Union Cemetery.  His parents were John Sibbald Walker and Elizabeth.


1857-1908 – Erin Village

was born in Erin Village 6th of March 1857.  Papa died of heart failure [24th June 1908] whilst running to the Erin train station to repair the engine on the inaugural trip of the Credit Valley Railroad.  The train would not start again so John was considered to be the Erin mechanical engineering expert so they called him to repair the train.  He ran huffing and puffing up to the Erin train station.  He grabbed the handle to pull himself up onto the engine and he right then was struck with a heart attack.  As told by daughter, Ruby Walker to her grand-niece Felker.

Charles Walker owned the Erin Foundry Manufacture and Blacksmith.

Ruby Walker recalled that she and her sister Mary Walker would sometimes peak into the blacksmith shop from the double doorway.  Her father would bring down the hammer [with a] loud clack on the anvil to scare the children away from this scary and dangerous place.  Her father made plows, wagons, carriages and cutters – (cutters, not sleighs corrected Ruby).

Charles is buried at the Erin Union Cemetery, Row 28 Plot 14.


  • Jennifer WALKER (6) B. 11th March 1883 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. D. 2nd October 1959 in Toronto, ON.  She married John Wesley FELKER (1880-1929) on the 24th March 1910.  Their children: Ella Marie (1915); John Walker (1921); Male (1922).
  • Ellen May WALKER (6) B. 20th July 1884 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. D. 1st October 1968 in Winnipeg, MB.  She married Thomas Stark JUSTICE (1878-1957) on the 10th February 1904.  Their children:  Jennie Annabelle (1904-1974); David W (1916).
  • Frank Edward WALKER (6) B. 23rd November 1885 and died 28th July 1930 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.  He married Jessie Frank Overland KIRKWOOD (1886-1961) on the 22nd October 1919.  He is buried at Erin Union Cemetery. Frank was a bank manager.
  • John Stewart WALKER (6) B. 20thAugust 1887 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. D. 6 December 1918 at St. Michaels Hospital, Toronto of bronchial pneumonia.
  • Irene WALKER (6) B.  5th March 1893.  D. 1985 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. ☺☺
  • Alice WALKER (6) B. 22nd August 1895.  D. 1st September 1895 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.
  • Alice Louise WALKER (6) B. 24th April 1897.  D. 1921 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. She married Ewart BROCK (1895-1989) on the 11th August 1920.
  • Ruby WALKER (6) B. 11th March 1897.  D. 1987 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. ☺☺
  • Mary Lillian WALKER (6) B. 9th August 1901.  D. 19th November 1974 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.  She married William Percy FINN (1892-1959) on the 21st May 1923 in Toronto, ON.  Their children:  John; William; Ruby Elizabeth (1934-1934).
  • Winifred WALKER (6) B. 6th December 1903. D. 7th October 1982 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON. She married Homer Jacob JAMIESON (1891-1976) on the 8th June 1926. They had 3 children.
  • Kathleen Hamilton WALKER (6) B. 28th July 1905.  D. 1955 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.
  • Henrietta Charlotte WALKER (6) B. 2nd August 1908.  D. 2nd December 1908 in Erin Township, Wellington County, ON.

NOTE:               Most of the above named family were buried at the Erin Union Cemetery.

☺☺      Lived to be a Nonagenarian or more.


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