F: Stewart (1834-1921)

This historical old photo resides in the family album of Barry Stewart, who has generously shared it.   Seated is his great-grandfather, Stewart McCutcheon and his wife Sarah Kennedy.  Their six sons are flanking them.  Their only surviving daughter, Elizabeth Ann standing in the back row.  Notice the 2 old pictures hanging on the walls of the parlour behind the family.  It is believed they are pictures of Hugh McCutcheon and Mary Stewart, the pioneers from Donaghadee.

F:         Stewart McCUTCHEON (4) (Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1)  was born on the 7th March 1834 in Erin Township, Wellington County and he died at the age of 86 years on the 8th June 1921.  He was buried at the Everton Cemetery.  He married Sarah Matilda KENNEDY (16th November 1840 – 6th October 1925) on the 13th October 1869.  Her parents were William Kennedy and Elizabeth Ann Travis.

 Obituary for Stewart McCutcheon – 30 June 1921:

ACTON FREE PRESS – Obituary 30 June 1921

In the death of Stewart McCutcheon on June 8 another name is stricken from the ever lessening roll of our old settlers.  His widow in the sunset of life with the family is left to attest how sadly they will miss him. Yet in such a death there is no cause for grief.  His life work was done and well done.  He was born in March 1835, on the old homestead, near Ospringe, where he made his home for eighty-three years.  He then removed to Erin village, where he spent the declining years of his life.

In 1870 he was united in marriage to Sarah Kennedy. To this union a family of seven were born; Mrs. H. Barbour, Erin; Hugh; James; David; and Robert; William in Rockwood and Clarence in B.C.

Mr. McCutcheon was a member of the Presbyterian Church and a Conservative in politics.  The funeral service was held at the Ospringe Presbyterian Church on Friday, June 10 after which interment was made at Everton Cemetery. His five sons and son-in-law acted as pallbearers.

They produced 8 children, 6 of whom were boys.  All of their children, with the exception of Clarence, their youngest, lived and died within a few miles of the homestead.  Clarence died in Summerland, British Columbia.

They lived on Lot 9, Concession 4.


  • Elizabeth Ann McCUTCHEON (5).                    See i following. ♥
  • Sarah McCUTCHEON (5).  B. 1870 D. 1871 in Erin Township, Wellington.
  • Hugh McCUTCHEON (5).                                See ii following.
  • William John McCUTCHEON (5).                      See iii following.
  • James Stewart McCUTCHEON (5) (Stewart McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 5th November 1876 in Erin Township, Wellington and he died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis at the Freeport Sanatorium in Waterloo, ON, on the 18th June 1936.

NOTE:   James was a farmer living at RR # 2, Acton, ON.  His brother, Hugh McCUTCHEON, who was residing at RR # 3, Acton, ON, was the informant and signed his death certificate. James was buried at the Churchill Cemetery.  On the death registration James was listed as “single.”

  • David Alexander McCUTCHEON (5).               See iv following.

•    Robert S McCUTCHEON (5) (Stewart McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 3rd July 1879 in Erin Township, Wellington and he died on the 24th October 1952 in Ospringe, Wellington, Ontario at the age of 73 years.  On the 3rd of April 1912, he married Edith BARBOUR (1884 – 1971).  They are both buried at the Erin Cemetery. Her parents were Ephraim Barbour and Margaret CURRIE.


 Pictured are Robert McCutcheon and Edith Barbour.

NOTE:   Their farm was located on Lot 17, Concession 8.  Robert farmed on this farm until 10 years before his death, retiring due to ill health.   No children have been found for this couple.    ♥

  • Clarence Edward McCUTCHEON (5).         See v following.

♥  Siblings Married Siblings:  Brother and sister married brother and sister.  In this case, Elizabeth Ann and Robert S McCutcheon married Humphrey and Edith Barbour.


i.    Elizabeth Ann McCUTCHEON (5) (Stewart McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) born on the 9th December 1869 in Erin Township, Wellington and she died on the 25th June 1932.  She married Humphrey BARBOUR (4th March 1866 – 11th March 1958) on the 16th December 1896 in Wellington.  They are buried at Erin Union Cemetery.  His parents: Ephraim Barbour and Margaret McFee.


  • Stanlie Bird (6) B. May 1899 in Erin Township, Wellington, ON.  Stanlie was an adopted boy.  No historical records other than the 1911 Canadian census appears for him.
  • Clayton Ephraim Stewart BARBOUR (6) B. 12th October 1909 in Erin Township, Wellington, ON.  He married Mary Lois BRETT (1899-?) at the Rosemont Church in Erin.

HUGH McCUTCHEON (1870-1943) 

ii.    Hugh McCUTCHEON (5) (Stewart McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 30th December 1870 in Erin Township, Wellington. And he died on the 22nd September 1943 in Acton Village, Halton County, ON.  They were both buried at the Fairview Cemetery in Acton.   He married Eva GIBBONS (25th December 1878 – 25thSeptember 1956) on the 2 June 1898.  Her parents were Hiram Gibbons and Jane Auld.

Wedding Picture of Hugh McCutcheon and Eva Gibbons 1898.

NOTE:    Hugh died of a heart attack after spending the day at the Acton Fall Fair.  His grand-son, Barry Stewart was a sprite of three when he died and has penned the following ode to commemorate him:

Ode to a Fiddler

Born to the soil, muscles hardened by toil

The old man lived three score thirteen.

Long fingers, pale hand, he played in the band.

God gave him … the fiddler’s gene.

In truth he was small, barely sixteen hand tall

Yet up close, filled with humour and vigour.

People admired him; the music inspired him.

Sparkling eyes, flashing smile—he seemed bigger.

 Lived as a farmer, still always a charmer,

He fashioned his life like a riddle.

Maidens’ skirts swirling, young couples twirling,

While Gramps’ fingers danced on the fiddle.

Memories are dim—just one day with him,

Wandering ’round the Acton Fall Fair.

Holding his hand, I climbed the grandstand.

We saw dancers, a midget … a bear.

I rode airplanes and a tiny wee train,

And spent the whole day by Gramps’ side.

At last as finale, my pennies I tallied

Enough left for one … pony ride.

Trip home was nice; car smelled of old spice.

Fell asleep using Gramps as a bed.

When I awoke, ’twas my brother who spoke.

“I’m sorry old son.  Gramps is dead!”

In death he was calm, like a pale leprechaun.

‘Neath his moustache, the hint of a smile.

A gold pot he’d find, I saw in my mind

In his far distant emerald isle.

Bending to kiss him, I knew that I’d miss him.

Touched his cheek, so lacking in colour.

I bade him goodbye — though I didn’t cry.

My heart felt the sound of the fiddler.


  • Elsie Viola McCUTCHEON (6) B. 12th June 1904 and she died on the 30th January 1919 at the age of 14 years in Acton, ON.  Elsie died of a Cerebral Tumour.

McCutcheon, Elsie Viola, News appeared in Acton Free Press, 30 January 1919, page 3, column 3, OSPRINGE:

NOTE:    Pictured are Elsie Viola and her sister, Edna May circa 1911.

The death of Elsie Viola, the dear daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McCutcheon of the third line, leaves a sad vacancy at the home fireside.  This bright young life was sorely afflicted during the year.  After treatment in the hospital at Fergus it was hoped she would improve, but she gradually sank and passed away last Wednesday evening.  The funeral was held to Churchill Cemetery on Saturday.

Wednesday evening 22nd January 1919, at her father’s home 3rd line Erin Township, the death occurred of Elsie Viola McCutcheon, eldest daughter of Hugh McCutcheon, at the age of 14 years.  Her illness extended over 5 months and was borne with heroic patience and cheerfulness.  Early December she underwent an operation in Queen Alexandra Hospital (Fergus); her condition improved for a time, but a recurrence of the disease soon took place.

Her sufferings became more and more intense until death finally released her.  Throughout her illness she greatly enjoyed meeting her girlfriends and companions whom she recognized and welcomed to the last.  Elsie was always somewhat delicate in health, but her mind was ever keen and alert.  She passed her entrance exams in June, 1917, and afterwards took up continuation work for a year.

She devoted her whole time to music, a subject in which she was particularly gifted.  At school Elsie was a general favourite.  Her gentle and amiable disposition won for her the admiration and affection of all with whom she came in contact.  Her capability and willingness to accept any part assigned her made her services a valuable asset in preparing for entertainments in church and school and in this capacity she will be greatly missed.

The general esteem in which she was held is evinced by the gloom which her early death has cast over the entire neighbourhood.  Her sorrowing parents and sister have the sympathy of the community in their sad bereavement.  The funeral on Saturday to Churchill Cemetery was largely attended.

The services were conducted by Rev. J.C. Wilson assisted by Rev. R.E. Jones.  Several anthems appropriate to the occasion were rendered by a male quartet led by Mr. A.T. Mann.  The floral tributes were beautiful.  Pall bearers were:  David, Robert and William McCutcheon, A. Murray, Chester Allen, and Alex McPhederan.

  • Edna May McCUTCHEON (6) B. 2nd September 1906 in Acton.  D. 22nd April 1995 in Burlington, ON.  She married John Joseph Jay STEWART (1901-1984) in 1927 in Erin.  She was buried at the Fairview Cemetery (Acton).  Children:  John Hugh Jack (1926-1996); Barry (1940).

Death Notice Appeared 26 April 1995:  Section Classified Page 21, Column 2: 

  Stewart, Edna May, (nee McCutcheon) (Died on 22 April 1995).

Stewart, Edna May — At Allandale Retirement Home, Milton on Saturday, April 22, 1995.  Edna May McCutcheon formerly of Acton aged 88 years.  Wife of the late J.J. Stewart and dear mother of Jack and his wife Bunny of Stroud and Barry and his wife Gail of Concord, California.  Grandmother of Sharon, Steven, Shelley, Scott, and Shaun.  Great-Grand mother of Kim, Michael, Lyndsay and Ryan.  Also lovingly remembered by Ray and Hazel Everdell and family.  Friends were received at the Shoemaker Funeral Home, Acton, Ontario.


iii.     William John McCUTCHEON (5) (Stewart McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 21st September 1872 in Erin Township, Wellington and he died on the 9th April 1946 in Acton ON.   He married Ruth Edna OSBORN (9TH May 1881 – 16th June 1960) on the 21st December 1904. They were buried at the Rockwood Cemetery, A-13-7.  Her parents were John Osborn and Jane Bott.

Pictured is William John (Will)


Acton Free Press – Page 8; Thursday, 18th April 1946;

William J McCutcheon

After a lingering illness, Mr. William John McCutcheon passed away at his home on Main Street, Acton.  Born in Erin Township he was second son of Mr. and Mrs. Stewart McCutcheon.  Deceased was in his 74th year.

At an early age he learned the carpentry trade and followed it for 50 years.  Besides his wife, formerly Ruth Osborn and two daughters, Elva (Mrs. Patterson), Acton; Bertha (Mrs. Gray) Toronto, ON., his grandchildren are left to mourn his death.  There are also two brothers – Robert of Erin and Clarence of West Summerland, BC.

The funeral was held on Thursday afternoon at the Johnson and Rumley Funeral Home and was largely attended showing the esteem in which Mr. McCutcheon was held………


  • Elva Elizabeth McCUTCHEON (6) B. 22nd July 1906 in Erin Township, Wellington.  D. 23rd January 1975 in Acton, ON.  She married William Ross PATTERSON (1900-1977) on the 29th August 1931.  Their children: William Gordon; John Robert (1937-2008); Alan Howard (1944-1986); Douglas (1947).
  • Bertha Viola McCUTCHEON (6) B. 2nd September 1908 in Erin Township, Wellington.  D. 1970.  She married Ernest GRAY (1911-1988) on the 21st January 1933 in Guelph. ON.  Their Children:  Linda; Kenneth Alexander (1933-2007); Barbara (1936).


iv.      David Alexander McCUTCHEON (5) (Stewart McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 25th December 1877 in Erin Township, Wellington and he died on the 26th October 1933.  He married Abigail Amelia YOUNG (3rd April 1877 – 23rd April 1960) on the 15th March 1905.  They were buried at Everton Cemetery.   Her parents were Robert Young and Abigail Dorcas Booth.

NOTE:  From “Biological Sketches” David married Amelia young and rents the homestead from his father, Stewart McCutcheon.

On October 23rd, 1933 David fell from a tree and fractured his ribs.  He was taken to the Guelph General Hospital, where he was treated for 3 days.  However, he died of internal bleeding on the 26th October 1933.


  • Irma Alexandra McCUTCHEON (6) B. 4th July 1906 in Ospringe, ON.  She married Fred J REDMOND (1910-?).


iv.      Clarence Edward McCUTCHEON (5) (Stewart McCutcheon-4; Hugh McCutcheon-3; John McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 6th July 1886 in Erin Township, Wellington and he died on the 31st May 1959 in Summerland, BC.  He married Sarah “Sadie” DUNLOP on the 25th October 1911 in Winnipeg, MB.


Acton Free Press – Page 9, Column 6:


Funeral services were held in Summerland, British Columbia on the 2nd June for the late Clarence McCutcheon who passed away suddenly on Saturday 31st may.  He was the husband of the late “Sadie” Dunlop and also leaves a son, Hugh, of Trail, BC.  Two sons, Robert and Bryce, pre deceased him.

Mr. McCutcheon was the youngest son of Stewart and Sarah McCutcheon.  He was born on the McCutcheon homestead on the third line of the township of Erin, but made his home in British Columbia for the past 40 years.  Five brothers predeceased him.


  •  William Robert McCUTCHEON (6) B.  15th June 1915 in British Columbia, Canada.  D. 6th June 1944 in France.   William married Gertrude Martha MOHART in the 18th October, year unknown.

NOTE:  He was buried at Bayeux War Cemetery in Calvado, France.

He enlisted in the RCAF circa1942 and his rank was “Flying Officer” with 97th Squadron when he was killed.

  • Bryce Stewart McCUTCHEON (6) B. in 1912.  D. 21st July 1921 in Naramata, British Columbia.

NOTE:   Bryce was eight years old when he drowned at a family picnic.  Bryce and three other youngsters went in for swim before they were to return home.  According to the newspaper account they were only out a short distance and in such shallow water that it is believed little Bryce was seized with cramps and became powerless to walk out as did the others when called.  The adults searched for Bryce throughout the night, but it was not until 8 o’clock the following morning that the body was found.

The Village of Naramata was originally called “East Summerland” founded in 1907.  People from across Lake Okanagan Lake used to arrive by boat for concerts, plays, operas and regattas.  Paddle wheelers stopped regularly at the wharf carrying freight and passengers.  Then in 1914, Naramata received train service that linked it to the rest of Canada when the new Kettle Valley Railway was pushed through the Okanagan Valley.  This Kettle Valley Rail is now an historical trail.

  • Hugh David McCUTCHEON (6) B. on the 9th December 1920 in Summerland, BC. D. 12th December 1989 in Fruitvale, BC. He married Gertrude Martha Morhart.

NOTE:    First a special Thank-you to Scott Gray, who supplied all of the pictures of the headstones for the Stewart McCutcheon family. 

Secondly, the family pictures for Stewart McCutcheon and family were generously shared by Barry Stewart, son of Edna May McCutcheon.


3 thoughts on “F: Stewart (1834-1921)

  1. Barry Stewart says:

    Regarding children of Edna May McCutcheon (1906-1995) and J.J. Stewart (1901-1984). Sons:
    – John ‘Jack” Hugh Stewart (1926-1996) married Helen Lydia Georgina ‘Bunny’ Anderson (1928-2006) on 7 Jun 1947.
    – Barry Wayne Stewart was born in 1940 – not 1930 (an unexpected addition). He married Gayle Patricia Hulford in 1962.


  2. Chris Patterson says:

    Elva Elizabeth McCUTCHEON (6) B. 22nd July 1906 in Erin Township, Wellington. D. 23rd January 1975 in Acton, ON. She married Ross PATTERSON.

    Her Children were:
    Below each is their Children and Grand Children

    William Gordon Patterson ~ Mary Patricia (Sargent)
    o Stephen Patterson
    o William Brett Patterson (5 Sept 1960) ~ Kathy)

    John Robert Patterson (1937 – 2008) ~ Patricia (Schneider)
    o Brian Patterson
    o Tracy Jubinville (23 May 1967) ~ Paul
    Dylan John
    Owen Jacob

    Alan Howard Patterson (16 Jan 1944 – 1986) ~ Faye (McNabb)
    o Michelle Marlene VanWettin (5 Jun 1964)~ Mike
    Taylor (F)

    o Richard Alan Patterson (2 Sep 1967)

    o Christopher Paul Patterson (15 Mar 1971)~ Susan (Savage)
    Ryan Alan Robert (18 Jul 2001)
    Rebecca Elizabeth Sophia (9 Mar 2003)

    Douglas Patterson (25 Aug 1947 – ) ~ Barbra
    o Janice
    o Kerry

    Any Questions please let me know.

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