G: Charles (1853-1939)

G:       Charles McCUTCHEON (4) (Charles McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born in Mulmur Township, Dufferin, ON. on the 14th June 1854 and he died on the 4th April 1939 in Dundalk, ON.  He married his first cousin Ellen McCUTCHEON on the 8th January 1880 in Mulmur Township. She was born on the 16th March 1859 in Adjala and she died on the 31st January 1952. Her parents were William McCutcheon and Mary Hawkins.  ♣♣  ☺☺

Obituary of Charles McCutcheon – 4th April 1939:

Following a stroke of paralysis on the 1st April, the death occurred at his home on Tuesday 4th April of Charles McCutcheon in his 85th year.  Mr. McCutcheon was born on the 14th June 1854 in Mulmur, the son of Charles and Eliza Amelia Tanner.

He spent the early part of his life in Mulmur.  On the 8th January 1869 (this is an error; it should be 1880) he married Ellen McCutcheon and took up farming on the 5th line of Melancthon where they spent three years.   At that time they moved to the old McCutcheon homestead in Mono Township where they farmed for the next five years.  Mr. and Mrs. McCutcheon then moved to Euphrasia Township taking up residence on a farm between the 9th and 11th lines, where they spent the next 13 years. In the year 1901 they moved to the South line Osprey Township where they spent 21 years.  Mr. McCutcheon’s death occurred about 17 years to a day from the time they moved from Wareham District to Dundalk where they have since made their home.

Had he lived until January of next year it was planned to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.  Mr. McCutcheon was quite active up to the last days and was well respected in this and other communities where he had lived. He was a faithful member of Dundalk United Church and in his earlier years was a member of the Workmen.

Besides the widow, he leaves a family of 4 daughters and 3 sons surviving.  Mrs. Noble, Mable of Vancouver, BC; Mrs. Louis Hill, Ella of Hatherton, ON; Mrs. Gust Faust, Myrtle of Port Arthur, ON; Mrs. Robert Goodfellow, Tress. ON; Joseph and William of Wareham, ON; Foy of Detroit, MI.  Mr. McCutcheon was the last surviving member of his family.  The death in Wadena, Sask. of a 5th daughter Mrs. Robert Lee was the first break in the McCutcheon immediate family in more than 58 years.

The funeral was held on Thursday the 6th April with service in the United Church, Dundalk following a short service at the late home of the deceased.  Rev. D. B. Gordon Ph.D. preached a comforting service to the bereaved.  It brought an Easter message of hope and joy and triumph over death.  Two hymns Abide with Me and Nearer my God to Thee were rendered by the choir and congregation.

A large number were in attendance. Pall bearers were: R.J. Cornett, Herb Nicholls, Henry Arnott, Harry K. Jackson, Sam Talbot, and James Sandiland.

Flowers from: Family; W.H. McCutcheon; Graham McCutcheon, Phoenix;  Robert McCutcheon of Collingwood;  Lavern H. Wood; Dr. and Mrs. Marshall and Glen DD, Wareham;  W.I. Faust.  Flower Bearers: William of Belfountain nephew; William Smith of Stroud; Graham McCutcheon of Shelburne; Ron Bradley Markdale; Laverne Smythe Honeywood; Ed Smythe of Creemore; friends from Toronto; Streetsville; Belfountain; Markdale; Collingwood; Shelburne; Honeywood; Creemore etc. Interment Dundalk Cemetery. 

NOTE:   Charles as a young man drove stagecoach between Primrose and Beeton Ontario.  Ellen’s information, his wife, is listed in Chapter 6, E:  William.

♣♣        Cousins married cousins:  Charles McCutcheon (son of the Samuel McCutcheon (1772-1728) line married Ellen McCutcheon (daughter of William McCutcheon – descendant of the John McCutcheon (1770-1827) line.

☺☺      Lived to be a Nonagenarian or more.


  • Mable Jane McCUTCHEON (5).                      See i following.
  • Samuel McCUTCHEON (5) (Charles McCutcheon-4; Charles McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 13th July 1882 in Melancthon Township, Dufferin County and he died 13 days later on the 26th July 1882.
  • Mary Amelia Edna McCUTCHEON (5).           See ii following.
  • William Charles McCUTCHEON (5).                See iii following.
  • Joseph Edmund McCUTCHEON (5).                See iv following.
  • Sarah Adelia McCUTCHEON (5).                       See v following.
  • Myrtle Esther McCUTCHEON (5).                     See vi following. 
  • Foy Beckett McCUTCHEON (5) (Charles McCutcheon-4; Charles McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 28th February 1897 in Osprey Township, Grey County and he died on the 18th December 1972 in Highland Park Detroit, MI.

NOTE:          On the 20th May 1918 Foy was drafted into the Canadian Military. However, he most likely never entered the theatre of war, as WWI ended in November 1918.  He immigrated to the US in 1923 with his partner, Gerald W. Smith.  Gerald was a draftsman in an Auto Plant and Foy was a Salesman in the same plant. On the 1930 US Federal Census, both of them are living in Detroit.  The census lists them both as “Partners.”

  • Theresa Matilda McCUTCHEON (5).               See vii following.


 i.        Mable Jane McCUTCHEON (5) (Charles McCutcheon-4; Charles McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 26th May 1881 in Melancthon Township, Dufferin County and she died on the 17th October 1949 in Vancouver, BC.  She married John Albert NOBLE (15th September 1874-3rd February 1946) on the 28th May 1899 in Ontario.  His parents were John Noble Junior and Matilda Shields.

NOTE:   Mabel, John along with their 4 children migrated west in 1906 settling on a farm near Weyburn, SK in the Qu’Appelle Valley.  John did not appear to apply for land grants in Saskatchewan. 


  • Robert John NOBLE (6) B. 17th September 1900 in Artemesia, Grey County, ON.  D. 1917 in SK.
  • Mabel Madeline Eleanor NOBLE (6) B. 14th February 1902 in Artemesia, Grey County, ON.  D. 3rd February 1966.  She married John Everett CRONE Junior (1897-1952).  Their children:  Arlene Phyllis (1922-2004); Harold Arthur (1924); Hazel (1928); Douglas Devine (1937).
  • William Mearell NOBLE (6) B. 23rd April 1903 Artemesia, Grey County, ON. D. 27th June 1990 in Plentywood, Sheridan, Montana. He married Helen Edith MILLAR (1910-1975) circa 1926. Their children: Dwayne (1927-1993); Doris (1928).
  • Nina Irene NOBLE (6) B. 28th February 1905 Artemesia, Grey County, ON.   D. 14th June 1983 in British Columbia.  She married Howard HARTMAN (1900-?) circa 1922. Their children: Iona (1923); Howard Dallas (1926).


ii.         Mary Amelia Edna McCUTCHEON (5) (Charles McCutcheon-4; Charles McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 1st July 1883 in Melancthon Township, Dufferin County and she died on the 4th March 1938 in Wadena, SK.  She married Robert LEE on the 26th February 1908 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON.  He was born on the 27th August 1877 in Grey County and he died on the 19th July 1930 in Wadena, SK.  His parents were John Lee and Jane Mathers.

NOTE:   Mary and Robert married in January 1908, then immediately migrated west to Wadena, SK.  Robert applied for and received a land grant for the SW ¼ Section 36, of Township 35, Range 13, West of the 2nd meridian.  All of their children were born on this ¼ section.

The farm is located about 230 kilometers north of Moose Jaw, SK.  near Nut Mountain. 

1.     Wadena News March 9, 1938:

It is our painful duty this week to record the death Mrs. Robert Lee, which occurred on March 4th at 10 p.m.  The late Mrs. Lee was highly respected and loved by all with whom she came in contact and her death will be the cause of sincere regret by a large circle of friends.  The funeral took place from the United Church March 8, at 2 o’clock Mr. Ferguson officiating.

2.   Westport News – March 9, 1938:

There passed away at the Wadena Union Hospital on Friday, March 4. Mrs. Robert Lee.  Mrs. Lee was well known, having lived here for a number of years, and had a bright and charming personality that won her friends wherever she went.  She took an active part in the social life of the community.  Her death will be sincerely regretted by a wide circle of relatives and friends. The bereaved ones will have the sincere sympathy of a large circle of friends.

3.     Taken from Memorial Record:

In memory of Mrs. Robert Lee, born at Shelburne, Ontario, passed away at Wadena Union Hospital on March 4, 1938.  Aged 54 years, 8 months, 4 days.  Services were held at Wadena United Church. Officiating Clergymen were Mr. Ferguson and Rev. Johnson.  Hymns rendered by United Church Choir were Nearer My God To Thee and Jesus Lover Of My Soul.  Pall-Bearers were: Joseph Hanson, George Hope, Arton Faust, Howard Godkin, Clarence Erickson and Thomas Whitehead.  Interment was at Wadena Cemetery.

4.     Historical Sketch:

Mary Amelia Edna McCutcheon, daughter of Charles and Ellen McCutcheon. Born at Shelburne, Township of Mono, County of Dufferin, Ontario, on July 1, 1883.  Married on the 26th Febuary1908 to Robert Lee of Wadena, Saskatchewan, at Dundalk in the Township of Osprey, County of Grey, Ontario.  Resided at Wadena, Saskatchewan until time of death. She was active in community life, being a member of the United Church, Wadena Agriculture Society, Wadena Poultry Pool Committee and the Hendon C. C. F. Auxiliary.

Mary Amelia McCutcheon died in her 55th year, one month after surgery for inward goiter.

While residing in Dundalk, Ontario, she had worked at dressmaking.


  • Mary Mabel LEE (6).  B. 6th January 1909.  D. 19th November 1909 in Wadena, SK.
  • Robert Clifford LEE (6).  B. 13th September 1910 in Wadena, SK.  D. 5th August 1989 in Regina, SK.   He is buried at Wadena Cemetery. He married Eleanor Margaret WILSON (1918-?) on the 20th October 1939 in Wadena.  Their children are:  Duane Robert (1940-2010); Iona Margaret (1942); Janice Karen (1946); Patricia Ann (1954).  ♥
  • William Stanley LEE (6).  B. 12th December 1914 in Wadena, SK.  D. 9th May 1989 in Kelowna, BC.  He married Mary Winnifred WILSON (1914-1999) on the 29th October 1939 in Wadena, SK.  Their children are: Lawrence Stanley (1941); Terrance Arthur (1943); Lillian Marianne (1946); Laura Judith (1950).  ♥
  • Harold McCutcheon LEE (6).  B. 22nd December 1916.  D. 25th December 1916 in Wadena.
  • Gabriel Raymond LEE (6).  B. 27th July 1920 in Wadena, SK. D. 11th November 1994 in Scarborough, ON.  He married Clara Elizabeth WILSON (1920-1996) on the 15th June 1946 in Toronto, ON.  Their child:  Donna Lynne (1947).  ♥

♥          Siblings married siblings:  In this case 3 Lee brothers, Robert, William and Gabriel, married 3 Wilson sisters:  Eleanor, Mary, and Clara.  The Wilson sister’s parents were John WILSON and Eleanor Shipley SAULTERS. 

►         Land Grants and/or Letters Patent Applied for.


iii.      William Charles McCUTCHEON (5) (Charles McCutcheon-4; Charles McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 7th June 1885 in Melancthon Township, Dufferin County and he died on the 1st June 1964.  He was buried at the Dundalk Cemetery.  He married Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON on the 30th May 1918 in Grey County.  She was born on the 20th January 1892 in Grey County and she died on the 11th June 1970.  Her parents were Thomas Robinson and Mary Jane Walker. 


  • William Elgin McCUTCHEON (6) B. 17 March 1919 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON.   D. 10th October 1989.  He married Grace Marguerite MENZIES (1913-1990) on the 18th May 1940.  Her parents were James Menzies and Jessie Hannah Arnott. William and Grace’s children:  Claude Ronald (1940); William James (1942); Patricia Lynn (1943-1944); Gail (1945).
  • Theresa Freda McCUTCHEON (6) B. 1st May 1920 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON.    D. 9th March 1944 in Toronto, ON.  She is buried at the Dundalk Cemetery.
  •  Earl Bruce McCUTCHEON (6) B. 31st July 1921.  D. 1st June 1988 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON.   He is buried at Dundalk Cemetery.  He married Clara Beatrice SCHRAMM.  Their children:  Paul David (1950); Ralph Lawrence (1951).
  • Edna Evelyn McCUTCHEON (6) B. 17th October 1923 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON.   She married William Lloyd LITTLE (1915-1993) on the 22nd August 1942. His parents were William Gilbert Little and Sarah Elizabeth Reid.  Edna and William’s children:  Sharon Elizabeth (1946); Lester Gilbert (1953); Karen Marie (1959); Dayle Margaret (1961); Deanna Lee (1963).
  • Helen Mary McCUTCHEON (6) B. 9th March 1925.  She married Ralph LYONS (1933) on the 2nd October 1954.  Helen was a Registered Nurse. His parents were Ernest Delbert Lyons and Gertrude Marjorie Wyvill.  Helen and Ralph’s child:  Dean Charles (1963).

NOTE:     As a young child, Helen played with her cousins Tressa Jean and Edith Birdelle.


iv.       Joseph Edmund McCUTCHEON (5) (Charles McCutcheon-4; Charles McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 13th March 1887 in Euphrasia Township, Grey County and he died on the 16th October 1982 in Dundalk, ON.  He married Blanche Selina JACKSON on the 4th September 1918 in Grey County, ON.  She was born on the 4th September 1892 in Osprey and she died on the 7th June 1962 in Dundalk, ON. They were both buried at Dundalk Cemetery.   Her parents were Joseph Jackson and Jane Johnson.


  • Estelle Lynette McCUTCHEON (6) B. 1919 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON.  D. October 2004 in Shelburne, ON. She married Vernon SMART on the 25th September 1948. Their child: Douglas McCutcheon Smart (1954).
  • Helen Jeanne McCUTCHEON (6) B. 18th April 1921.  D. 28th May 1991.  She is buried at Elgin Mills Cemetery in Richmond Hill, ON.  She married John ARNOTT on the 12th August 1949. Their daughter: Shelley Jean (1953 – 28th May 1991) is also buried at Elgin Mills Cemetery. Their other children: Mary Estelle (1954); Kimberly Ruth (1957); Virginia Blanche (1961).


v.         Sarah Adelia McCUTCHEON (5). (Charles McCutcheon-4; Charles McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 22nd November 1888 in Euphrasia Township, Grey County and she died on the 17th November 1970 in Brampton, On.  She married Louis HILL on the 28th December 1910 in Osprey.  He was born on the 20th October 1888 and he died at the age of 92 years in March 1981 in Osprey. They were buried at Maxwell Union Cemetery in Osprey.  His parents were James Hill and Isabella Coutts.  ‡‡ 


  • James Austin HILL (6) B.  11th October 1915 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON.  D. 9th October 1973.  He was buried at the Maxwell Union Cemetery.  He married Grace Isabel Young Jamieson on the 24th September 1938. Their child: Margery Jean (1939).
  • David Oscar HILL (6) B.  20th March 1917 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON.  He married Viola Audrey NEWMAN on the 25th July 1942 at Horning Mills, ON. Their children: Frederick James (1943); John Wayne (1944); Judith Ann (1947).
  • Ida Isabel “Twin” HILL (6) B. 10th April 1919 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON.  D. 5th February 1965.  She married Wilfred Batchelor (1912-1977).  His parents were Samuel Batchelor and Edith Campbell. Ida and Wilfred’s children: Donna May (1941); Donald Wilfred (1942); Ida Ruth (1944); Eleanor Marylou (1948).
  • Ada Ellen “Twin” HILL (6) B. 10th April 1919.  D. 12th June 1919 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON.
  • Florence Elda HILL (6) B.   7th February 1921 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON. She married Chester MOORE (1919) on the 8th April 1939. Their children: Barbara Louella (1942); Carol Anne (1949).
  • Sarah Ethel Velda HILL (6) B.  8th April 1923 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON. She married Arvid JOHNSTON (1920) on the 15th April 1944.  Their children: Mervin Louis (1945); Gloria Jean (1949); Barry Eric (1957).
  • Edith Birdelle HILL (6) B. 1st September 1924.   D. 2nd March 1996.  She was buried at the Maxwell Union Cemetery.  She married Henry FRIESEN. Their child; Paul.
  • Tressa Jean HILL (6) B. November 1925.  D. 2008 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON. She married Currie Andrew GROFF (1910-1997) on the 17th June 1950. His parents were Andrew B Groff and Rebecca Wilson Bosomworth. Tressa and Currie`s children: Donna Jean (1951); Daniel Irwin (1954); Ivan Louis Currie (1957); Miriam Joy (1959).
  • Charles Robert (Bob) HILL (6) B.   14th January 1928 in Osprey Township, Grey County, ON.  D. 5th May 2002.    He was buried at the Maxwell Union Cemetery. He married Elizabeth Ann PARRISH on the 11th October 1953. Their children: Marilyn Elizabeth (1956); Kenneth Robert (1961).
  • Ella HILL (6).  B. 22nd March 1930. D. 31st January 1992 in Norval, ON. She married Lloyd James LAIDLAW (1928-2009) on the 20th March 1950. His parents were Aaron James Mercer Laidlaw and Sarah Catherine Giffen. Ella and Lloyd`s children: Brenda Marlene (1951); Shelley Lynn (1953); Larry James (1957); Catherine Ellen (1964).

‡‡         This family had a set of Twins.


vi.         Myrtle Esther McCUTCHEON (5) (Charles McCutcheon-4; Charles McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 4th September 1895 in Euphrasia Township, Grey County and she died on the 11th August 1953 in Thunder Bay, ON.  She married Gustav F FAUST on the 20th November 1918.  He was born in 1874 in Germany and he died on the 3rd June 1964 in Thunder Bay, ON. 


  • Tressa Lillian FAUST (6) B. 25th September 1919 in Thunder Bay, ON. D. 25th September 2009 in Wadena, SK. She married John MacDonald WRIGHT Senior on the 21st August 1943 in Scotland.  Their children: John MacDonald Junior (1947); Glenda Christine (1952); Leslie Anita (1954); Kim Tressa Lillian (1964).
  • Lynal Ferdinand FAUST (6) B. 14th December 1920 in Thunder Bay, ON.  D. 18th February 1968 in Toronto, ON. He married Sheila Joyce HAIG on the 20th April 1946. Their children: Adrienne Elizabeth (1948); Robert Lynal (1950); Katherine Joyce (1955); Donald (1956); Eric Richard (1963).
  • Anita Fay FAUST (6) B. 12th November 1921 in Thunder Bay, ON.  D. 19th July 1938.
  • Foy Leslie FAUST (6) B. 26th December 1923 in Thunder Bay, ON.  D. 19th October 1924.
  • Shirley FAUST (6) B. 17th December 1926 in Thunder Bay, ON. She married Gordon CEDERBERG on the 18th January 1956. Their children: Barbara (1960); Carole (1962); Gary (1968).
  • Charles Martin FAUST (6) B. 28 December 1928 in Thunder Bay, ON. He married Janet AIKEN on the 24th January 1957. Their children: Andrew (1958); Brian (1961); Craig (1964).


vii.        Theresa Matilda McCUTCHEON (5) (Charles McCutcheon-4; Charles McCutcheon-3; Samuel McCutcheon-2; Samuel McCutcheon-1) was born on the 20th September 1899 in Osprey Township, Grey County and she died on the 24th September 1986.  She married Robert Alexander GOODFELLOW on the 28th February 1922.  He was born on the 30th April 1895 in Grey County, ON and he died on the 27th June 1973.  They were buried at the dundalk Cemetery.  His parents were Joseph Goodfellow and Sarah Anne Vanalstine. 


  • Murray Joseph Charles GOODFELLOW (6) B.  28th July 1926. He married Nina E HALL on the 9th December 1949. Their children; Michael Edward (1954); Robert Mark (1957); Anne Marie (1959).
  • Robert Grant GOODFELLOW (6) B.  4th April 1929. He married Elizabeth Anne CLARKE on the 30th May 1953. Their children: Sheryl Anne (1954); Grieg Raymond (1956); Gordon Phillip (1959); Tami Elizabeth (1960); Lisa Suzanne (1965).
  • Nora Elaine GOODFELLOW (6) B. 13th October 1932 in Dundalk, ON.  D. 7th February 1999 in Toronto, ON. She married Andrew DICKSON on the 26th June 1954. Their children: Cameron Stuart (1955); Pamela Jean (1957); Sandra Elaine (1960); Robert Bruce (1964).

3 thoughts on “G: Charles (1853-1939)

  1. Michael Edward Goodfellow says:

    Angela, this is great. My Great-Grandfather was Charles (1853-1939), my Grandmother was the baby, THERESA MATILDA McCUTCHEON (1899-1986), and my father is Murray Goodfellow, born in 1926, and still a going concern at 86 years young.

    • Sandy says:

      Hi I’m Sandra Elaine daughter granddaughter of Theresa mccutcheon, my mother was Nora Elaine. Miss her so badly. Died in 1999, so interesting, good job!!

  2. Paul David McCutcheon says:

    I am Paul David McCutcheon. I was born in 1950 in Markdale. My great grandfather was Charles, my grandfather was William and my father was Bruce. I have three children, Paul Andrew Elliot (Andrew) of Toronto (b. 1978) married to Andrea; Michelle Elizabeth (Michelle) of Oakville b. 1980 and Mary Emily (Emily) of Toronto, b. 1984. My wife was Irma Susan Eliot (Irma) of Williamsford. I live in Toronto but hope to retire to a farm in Euphrasia Township not far from where my grandfather was born. I also own the farm occupied by by my great uncle Joe, located at Lot 17 and 18 on the Centre line (Concession 1 NDR) of Osprey township (Wareham). I grew up on the Wareham corner Lots 9 and 10 conc 1 SDR. My grandparents William and Elizabeth lived at Concession 1 Lots 12 and 13 before retiring to flesherton. My uncle Elgin and his wife Grace lived on the south line of Osprey township. They farmed with my parents using the name McCutcheon Meadows Co-operative Farms, My aunt and uncle, Lloyd Little and Evelyn ran the general store in Proton Station during the time I was young and then moved to Durham.
    My great Aunt Tress (Teresa Goodfellow) lived in Dundalk. She was a woman of extraordinary energy. My great uncle Foy ( so named because of a birth registration error – original name was to be Roy) was a successful car salesman for GM in Detroit and had a great cars which he loved to drive very fast. He died in Detroit in about 1974.

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