Cover Page – Introduction


4 thoughts on “Cover Page – Introduction

  1. Janice Tye says:

    Angela, your work is simply amazing — thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I am a granddaughter of Norman Edgar from the Samuel / Emily (Chapter 9) branch of the family. Our family lore says that Norman gave his first name “Samuel” to his brother David S., because David had been given only 1 name whereas Norman had been given 3 names. Each ended up with 2 names – Norman Edgar and David Samuel. I too live in Calgary and would love to be in touch with you and to introduce you to my McCutcheon family.

  2. Lynn Hilton says:

    Hi Janice

    I am reading thru the info on line while I am visiting here in Calgary. I am from the John McCutcheon 1827 – 1880 ancestry.

    page 7of 8 children of John McCutcheon and Ida McLean……amazing amount of work has gone into this book. I live in Campbell River. My date of birth is wrong and also my official name is not Lynn but I am really thrilled to read. All this info. is this book available?


  3. Richard L McCutchen says:

    I manage the McCutcheon DNA Project that is on the Clan Donald DNA website. I am interested in knowing if there is a McCutcheon male of this Donaghadee line interested in DNA testing. I believe it would greatly enhance our efforts to tie the various McCutchen families in Canada/US/ Ireland together.

  4. David McCutchen says:

    Richard: I am David McCutchen and I did a 111 marker DNA test with “familytreedna”, and was accepted into the Clan Donald group. I am descended from “John McCutcheon” mentioned near the end of Chapter 2. He settled into Augusta county Virginia, I am from James Sr. his eldest son. James Jr. migrated with the Cumberland Compact and settled into Giles county and is listed as an original settler for “Campbellsville,Tn”. McCutcheon’s, Campbell’s, Dickey’s, Ross’s were all of the original settler’s. James Jr. has a son Andrew whom had a son William Campbell who settled into Dickson county, Tn. William is my GGG Grandfather. I can take you to all the gravesites back to him.

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