COVER PAGE – Chapter 4

There are approximately 410 headstones – graves
in this graveyard, many with multiple people buried on each grave
site.    The Grey Abbey Graveyard is in chaos.

The exceptional
density of the gravestones, both standing and lying on their face, mixed with
the damp and enclosed nature of the site, render maintenance difficult.

 A very small number
of “discovered” headstones are those of McCUTCHEONS.  9 in total.
See Sources for Complete List.

Grey Abbey Church

Pictures of the Grey Abbey Church Graveyard, County Down, Ireland taken the summer of 2014 by the 6th Great Grand-daughter of Samuel McCutcheon who is buried here, Debbie Powell. Debbie is the Great Great-Grand-daughter of Isabella McCutcheon who was the daughter of Samuel Donald McCutcheon (1849-1929). Samuel Donald’s story begins as B: Chapter 11.

Old Headstones in the church yard of the Grey Abbey Church


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